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Bid For A HL Painting

I am helping my dad to send 2 Holland Lop paintings to be auctioned at Loveland, Colorado in April 2010. It is in conjunction with the 2010 HLRSC Nationals hosted by Hollands & Friends.

We would like to thank Kay Miller for appreciating my dad’s work and allowing us to share it with the rabbit world. We do hope that they will be well received and appreciated.

Have a nice Nationals everyone!

And for those of you who do not have the slightest idea why I am so obsessed with this bunny raising business, check out the video below.


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Kay Miller

For the first time, I found it hard to give an appropriate title to my blog post. Kay Miller is one of the most wonderful people that I have the privilege of knowing. There are many words that I could use to describe her. These words just cannot fit into a title and therefore, I am keeping it simple like how I think Kay would like it. Just Kay Miller will do.

But do let me share the words that describe the person Kay is. She is generous, kind, humble and filled with humility. I have never met Kay in person and likewise she have not met me in person too. What really brought us together was indeed through 2 of the most beautiful Holland Lops that she willingly shared with me.

I would really like to put a beautiful face to the beautiful name. I found some beautiful pictures of her on the internet and am now awaiting the approval from the website owner to allow me to use these photos. I am not too sure if Kay would mind me posting her photo on my blog being the low profile person she is. I hope she do not mind.

My post yesterday highlighted the “heavyweights” of the Holland Lop world but you must know that there are many more low profile breeders that could do as much damage to the show table. Kay Miller is one of those breeders that could make quite a big impact in shows while being low profile.

I stumbled across her cute little website today and thought it would be nice to share it – http://millerlops.googlepages.com/home:).

I realize that Clark has produced quite a few beauties for Kay before he came to TLR. I really do hope to get kits from him soon.

And I know Carmel means a lot to Kay as she is still listed under the does page. Really appreciate the honorary mention. I am overjoyed to see Kuala Lumpur written on the website of a reputable Holland Lop breeder’s website.

And as you can see, Kay has been working with Holland Lops since 1980. That’s 29 years of Holland Lop development. You can imagine how strong the Holland Lop bloodline is in her rabbitry.

It takes a lot of trust for her to share these beautiful rabbits of hers. And I personally take it upon myself to ensure the purity of these rabbits. I can only trust myself in ensuring that these beautiful Holland Lops do not get mixed by irresponsible hands.

That’s from the bottom of my heart about this wonderful person named Kay Miller from Colorado. I could never thank you enough for your generosity.

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Scott Rodriguez, Kay Miller & Teri Reymann: You 3 Had Me In Tears

A very dear friend asked me a few days back if I was ashamed and felt awkward blogging about my rabbits. My answer to her was of course not at all. I love sharing my passion and at the same time try not to brag too much. Anyhow, my answer for her would be different at this very moment. That’s because I want to cry for joy more than wanting to write a post. I probably have more tears than words to express my feeling at the moment.

I will try my best nonetheless.

Before 2008 came to an end, as I was going through what to write as my closing post and thinking about how to bring my herd forward, I realized that I need to take a leap of faith. I needed huge improvements and fast. I was not satisfied with any of the litters. Don’t get me wrong. I love all the kits borne but they just did not turn out as how I really wanted them to be. And I convinced myself that there definitely definitely has got to be better rabbitries that I could get my new foundation stocks from. I needed new bloodlines and much better foundation stocks.

I also realized that I need to do “deep sea” searching and that was exactly what I did. Before I mentioned the people that I have met in my search for quality, I must say that I am really thankful to God for bringing them into my life. I attribute their unexpected and totally unplanned existence in my social circle to fate and all of them are gifts God so generously bestow upon me. Thinking back, I am still in awe as how I met them seemed to be sheer coincidences. I love all of them to pieces. Please forgive me if I have not mentioned your names in this post. I also have to mention that I am doing this because it is my passion and please do not be clouded with just the good things that you have seen on my blog. Behind these beautiful events, there are many sacrifices that you could never imagine. But one of the reasons I am doing this is because I do not want to live life and looking back later regretting not having done it. I hate thinking about could and should haves.

The first person I stumbled across was Teri Reymann. I have heard about Teri Reymann in a few occasions in my correspondences with Susie but somehow did not really give much thought about her. Not until I stumbled on her website (sonshinerabbitry.net). The other rabbitry that I stumbled across was DTL Rabbitry. I had earlier express interest in their rabbits and upon inquiry, I was told that they could get help from Teri for the shipment. But somehow something held me back and I continued searching. I must also mention that I have actually settled for some beautiful rabbits in Teri’s herd and to be honest, I backed out on her twice. I really felt bad for this and I still do. Despite me backing out on her twice, Teri has been very forgiving. God bless her big heart!

Just before backing out on Teri for the 2nd time, I stumbled across Reneah Raffay, Jenni Yoder and Mike Dietrich. I believe I didn’t have a good start with Mike mainly for my wrong way of approach. I am truly sorry MIKE! Please forgive me. As for Reneah and Jenni, I must say these 2 are angels! They are one of the most honest people living on the face of the earth. I had the privilege of chatting with Jenni and she gave me tons of great advice. Reneah was also very generous with her advice and opinions. I will cherish them all my life. I expressed my interest in getting a couple of rabbits from both Jenni and Reneah but due to the weather, they could not ship any out at that time. At this point, I was almost giving up my search and had wanted to wait till much later when the weather permits and when there are rabbits available.

On the faithful night of 14th January 2009, I could remember very clearly that it was a Wednesday. I stayed up late thinking how should I move on from here. And prior to this, I have added Scott Rodriguez (somehow) to my chat list through Laurie Stroupe. I didn’t know much about Scott other than he’s one of the names that appeared on Hollander (HLRSC newsletter). I have visited his website numerous times, love all his rabbits but it didn’t cross my mind that he would actually sell me any. BUT he DID!

Not only did Scott offered me his rabbits, but he sold me 2 of his FINEST! He was so generous to offer me one of his heart bunny Thunder to go along with Haley. As if that was not enough to prove that this guy’s got a big big heart, Scott contacted a dear friend of his to see if she could offer to help me start off. That friend turned out to be the legendary Kay Miller and she offered to send Carmel and Clark. This is the best part that made me shed tears the moment Scott broke the news to me. Carmel is Top Lop 2006 (a Broken Junior Doe then) and had appeared on the cover of Hollander. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading because it dawned on me how much I have gone through for 2 long years in search for my foundation rabbits. Not only they are sending me beautiful rabbits but Grand Champions!

I would like to take some time to write a short tribute to Scott Rodriguez and Kay Miller.

Scott Rodriguez is the past HLRSC Director for Zone 1. He is also an ARBA licensed registrar and is also the chairman for ARBA Constitution Committee. Scott started raising rabbits 27 years ago and in his early ventures, he is well known for his “Ewoks” looking English Angoras. He now works with the Holland Lop exclusively.

Another person that I must mention is someone very low profile in the Holland Lop show ring. She is Ms. Kay Miller. Kay was the first person in Colorado whom imported Holland Lops from Holland. Her foundation rabbits came from Vi Crowder and Jamie Wardlow. That was more than 35 years ago. She continued breeding Holland Lops and remained active in shows up till today. She is in fact one of the top Holland Lop breeders in US. Her rabbitry used to be called Whispering Pines Rabbittrees. I hope to get hold of her mailing address so that I could update her on Carmel and Clark.

Just something on the sidelines, I hope my dear readers understand why I am very particular in passing on my rabbits and why the new sales policy holds great importance. Just reflect on the number of years these Holland Lops has been developed and how vulnerable the gene pool is. It takes only seconds to spoil what has been worked on for over 20 years. Getting a doe from me and breeding it with the local bucks is just wrong and it will never work that way. So I beg of you again, please do not get your vision clouded by all the nice things seen on this blog. There are much more to it than what meets the eyes. Research is key.

With that said, let’s welcome Haley, Carmel, Thunder and Clark to MALAYSIA.


That’s Thunder’s BUTT! LOL!







This is NOT fat okie people…This is MASSIVE!!!! and I did not SKEW the photo!




This image is taken from Scott’s website. Hope you don’t mind Scott, she is not that ready for a photo session.


By right, I should not be using the GC prefix on her because we have yet to do the transfer. She is a doll! She was on the previous Hollander as Top Lop #7 and TOP LOP #1 in 2006 when she was just a junior.



She’s fiesty!



Clark’s GC is also pending.





I am forever grateful to Scott, Kay & Teri for putting this project together. Love you three loads! Words cannot express how much this means to me. On behalf of all Malaysians who appreciates this HALLMARK breed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Would like to express my gratitude to my adopted mom, Cheri Bushee & adopted aunt, Karen L. Novina for their constant prayers for me and the success of this shipment.

Last but not least, I would like to say that collectively, all the people that I have mentioned in my blog, those added on my friends list (you know who you are) and especially those mentioned on this post are called the Living Saints of Holland Lop world. These are the nicest people that you will ever want to meet on earth. An author once wrote about the 5 people he/she wants to meet in HEAVEN but I can’t keep it within that number. Just like in a rabbitry, rabbits count in hundreds!

Now, let’s pray hard they will THRIVE in TLR!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Scott Rodriguez, Kay Miller, Stephen & Teri Reymann!!!!!!

And guess what comes with this shipment? A TATTOO KIT!!!! YES! To set TLR apart, I am going to tattoo all my rabbits from now on. But there is a glitch. I need 3 more sets of 1-9 digits! Darn!



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