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Coping With Death

Death is an inevitable event in both humans and animals alike. Throughout the years, I have experienced and felt the sorrow of losing my pet rabbits. Every pet owner will go through it because we usually outlive our beloved pets. The pain is harder to handle especially with those we have bonded for a number of years.

How do I usually cope with bunny death?

It was really hard for me initially but I have found a way to console myself. Many people believe in the Rainbow Bridge – a paradise for dead animals they say. I do believe there is a paradise for animals when they die. I believe that beyond the Rainbow Bridge, is a place where each dead animal finds a forever human companion.

I imagine everyone in heaven have a pet of their own. Every child in heaven have an animal keeping him or her company. It is the most wonderful thing anyone can imagine.

The pet and its human companion is inseparable. It goes wherever the human soul goes even though there are no danger in Heaven. Sometimes, a human soul can have multiple pets. There are no cages or “rabbitry” in Heaven so to speak, and every bunny is free to roam safely.

Each time I lose a bunny, I would console myself knowing that someone up in heaven will be receiving another beautiful companion.

On another (totally unrelated) note, there is a new movie entitled “Frozen” that is being screen in the cinemas. I highly recommend it for both young and young at heart. I am recommending it because I am quite bias in the sense that the words “True Love” were two frequent used words and that is exactly what the movie is all about.


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Lessons from the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a must watch in my opinion. I really enjoyed the show and the messages were very clear and I would like to take some time to write about my thoughts of these messages. Comparing this one with all the previous versions, I really think that the story line and the entire setting of the movie was far more realistic without monkeys in space suits. This one’s more reasonable in theory.

Here are the messages I took home after watching this interesting movie:

1. Animals are always misunderstood

Carrots are rabbits’ staple food is enough to describe this point. Nature has got its way of telling us something but we are always too preoccupied to observe and be sensitive to these subtle nudges. We tend to impose our human needs unto animals forgetting to let nature take its course. Although the ecosystem and organisms are very diverse and complex, each has its part to play and collectively make this planet what it is. In the wild nature cleans up the weak and make way for the strong to survive and proliferate. Unfortunately, many a times human try to intervene based on their emotions. We place our feelings before us and try to save what is not meant to be saved because we failed to understand and forget how nature works. In the movie, all the apes wanted was to be free and be in a place where they belong – the forest.

2. Human should never play God

Extending from the previous point, as humans we have been blessed with intelligence far greater than any other organisms on this planet and by having intelligence, we rule over all other organisms. We domesticate animals and even breed them in captivity thinking it would be best for the species. Conservation is good but it would be better without us damaging the earth and using conservation as damage control. All the apes wanted was to get to the other side of the bridge to where the forest is. Seemed like too much to ask?

3. Humans are always dramatic, over reacts and over exaggerating

When the apes started acting unruly (to fight for freedom & to be where they belong), the humans started using firearms on them. Blocking off both ends of the bridge in the effort of stopping the apes from crossing the bridge. It does not make sense and seemed silly to me that they do not allow the apes to get to their destination. It seemed pointless what they were doing. So as you can see, the apes were merely acting upon their instinct while the humans over reacted.

As you can see, the humans really can stir up some major drama (stupid monkey!). A drama huge enough for a MAJOR BLOCKBUSTER! I absolutely enjoyed the movie and I believe everyone should watch it!

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