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We Interrupt This Program For

I guess it is time for a product review.

What do we all know about Hamsters? Many people love them because they are cute especially with all the accessories like tunnels, running wheels and connecting fancy enclosures just to name a few. I believe those of us who have raised Hamsters at any point of our lives also know for a fact that they do have repulsive urine odor.

Having had success using this product on my rabbits, I decided to try it on my daughter’s classroom pet hamster. The idea of getting a “smelly” Hamster made the missus a little uncomfortable but surprisingly, she was the one who noticed the absence of odor when we started feeding Hamtaro the Natural Pet Deodorant Pellet For Small Animals.

Meet Hamtaro, Beth’s little classroom pet and fellow resident at Tru-Luv Rabbitry.

No more odor!

No more odor! And your hamster will beg you for more!!!

Hamtaro loves the mushroom extract pellet and we enjoy having him around the house without the repulsive odor that comes along with any regular Hamster. It really makes it a pleasant experience raising Hamster with this wonderful product.

Give it a try today by purchasing it online at TinyCritterz.com for only RM 20 (excluding shipping)!


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Keeping The Herd Clean & Odourless!

“Rabbit have an offensive smell” is already a thinking of the past. Through the years and with good education/awareness, we have all learn how to keep “the stench” at bay. We now uses litter tray for our lovely pet bunny and that has helped a lot in terms of cleanliness in their husbandry.

All my rabbits are raised indoors and raising them the way I do, I am very particular with cleanliness. As you can see through most of the photos that I have posted, I like my rabbits to be “squeeky” clean! If they are partly white, I will make sure that there will not be any yellow stain on them. A clean rabbit will always be favourable on the show tables and that is what I would like to achieve as a Show Breeder as well.

In the past, just one (1) rabbit will produce “the stench” so strong and repulsive, poor bunny soon gets to the bottom of the priority list. I have quite a number of rabbits and they are all kept indoors. That only means one thing – they must be odourless!

How do I ensure my rabbits are clean and odourless?

My rabbits are kept in very clean environment and they hardly dirty their fur. But when they do, I turn to Natural Pet’s UltraCoat Dry Shampoo for Small Animals.

Natural Pet UltraCoat Dry Shampoo for Small Animal

It is pretty easy to use and the results are pretty remarkable. I would like to just take some time to show you how this product is used and how effective it is. I shall also use photos to illustrate the process – just 5 simple steps!

This is BEFORE (Some bunny's dirty bum)

Step 1: Brush lightly to loosen up the fur

Step 2: Apply Dry Shampoo

Step 3: Rub into soiled/damp fur

Step 4: Brush off powder gently

Step 5: Enjoy your bunny's beautiful bum and don't go sniffing his/her bum!!!

WHERE TO GET? – www.TinyCritterz.com of course! For just RM 25.

For more information about Natural Pet UltraCoat Dry Shampoo for Small Animal please read the brochure.

Now that I have taken care of the “external”, the next thing would be to get rid of the odour/odor. There are a few types of unpleasant odors namely mouth, body, urine and fecal. Is there just one product that can take care of all these? YES, and the answer is Natural Pet Deodorant Pellet for Small Animal. I have taken the time to test this product and found that it is very effective. I did a sampling testing with one of my rabbits and the result is marvellous!

A 20g bottle can last approximately two (2) weeks for just one (1) rabbit. It retails for RM 20 per bottle over at www.TinyCritterz.com.

For more information about Natural Pet Deodorant Pellet for Small Animal please read the brochure.

I hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience over at http://www.TinyCritterz.com. We are now giving away a Mystery Gift for every 100th order through the webstore. Our order numbers are system generated and for example, if you make purchase online and upon confirmation, receive an order number 100, 200, 300 or so on, you will be given a free gift worth more than RM10!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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