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Regurgitating Information

My main point of reference for rabbit information is the House Rabbit Society website. This is the website every bunny owner must have at his/her fingertips. This is the complete guide to all there is to know about your pet rabbit.

I have gone through many of the articles there. Not really a fan of reading long articles, I normally go through those that interests me. I have read through the neuter/spay page before but that was one of the first few visits to this site.

Now that I am working on this spay/neuter policy, I needed to refresh my memory and boy, did this website came in handy. Very thorough information. I do not need to look elsewhere.

Since it has all been stated there, I would just like to add a link to their neuter/spay page. I especially like all the good reason given to spay/neuter. No point repeating what is much more informative.

So for those who wants to know more about spay/neuter, please go to FAQ: Spaying & Neutering.


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A new Sales Policy

After much considerations, I have review the previous policies and found there was a lot of room for improvements. And in-line with the general public’s behaviour observed thus far, it was concluded that spaying and neutering is the only way to go similarly as to how they should deal with serial rapists as well.

Basically, TLR will be feeding your rabbit till he/she is 6 months old, send it for spaying/neutering before delivering to you. If you don’t buy that, I don’t know what you will…

So please go through the new sales policy and let me know if I have the support of all Malaysians. Let us gear towards a market filled with Quality Holland Lops!

Click here for the new Sales Policy.


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