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2011 Resolution

2011 is just around the corner, here are my new years resolution for TLR:

  • Helping a fellow new comer to the hobby to start up a good herd
  • To help organize an ARBA sanctioned show here in Malaysia
  • Continue to promote ethical breeding
  • Continuous improvements in the Rabbitry
  • Snap more “poisonous” photos (improve photography skills)
  • Have fun and make more friends in the hobby
  • Be a good District Representative for ARBA
  • Organizing fun stuff for all rabbit owner and their pets
  • Attending ARBA Convention 2011

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TLR 2010 Resolutions

It is the time of the year again that we all have our personal reviews and resolutions for the coming year. Before mentioning the resolutions that I have for year 2010, I would like to review the objectives for year 2009.

And the indicators are:




2009 Objectives:

1 ) Chocolate Holland Lops

Had a major setback when I lost Seychel but I am sure the chocolates will pop up in future.

2 ) Continue promoting ethical breeding & responsible ownership

3 ) Making more bunny friends around the world

4 ) Importing nicer foundation stocks

An objective met and I must say a hundred fold thanks to all the help of great friends namely Scott, Kay & Teri.

5 ) Praying harder to have constant Oxbow supplies

We have another brand available and my herd no longer depend on just Oxbow.

6 ) Renewing HLRSC membership

7 ) Continue posting on a daily basis with quality contents

8 ) Continue sharing quality Holland Lops at reasonable prices to highly intellectual individuals (LOL!)

Can’t say that I have shared much lately due to less production. Not complaining at all.

9 ) To master color genetics

Took a little U-turn to fall back on working with TORTs. Color can wait

10 ) Revamp Meadow Haven

Done deal!

What year 2010 holds for TLR? Here are some of my major resolutions for year 2010:

1) Continue producing the best Holland Lops in Malaysia.

2) Working with another breed.

3) Continue moving forward faster so that the rest would keep up even faster!

4) Educating the general public and raising awareness of differences between the original Holland Lop & the counterfeit.

5) Help MROC take off to greater heights with new and lasting leadership and participation.

I’ll just stick with these 5 objectives for now.


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