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The Dwarf Problem

If you have done enough research about dwarf rabbits, you will understand that it is all about the combination of a normal gene and a dwarf gene. If you are a breeder of dwarf rabbits, you might have produced “peanuts” throughout the years. I stumbled across a video about Stress Management tonight and for those of you who might be interested, you can watch it here:

I thought it was a very interesting talk and what made it more interesting is when she spoke about the stress hormone called Oxytocin. There was this invisible light bulb that suddenly brightened up on top of my head and went DING!

It made perfect sense when you put the pieces together. Just let me explain the pieces and you should be able to put the puzzle together after my explanation. Throughout the years I understood that breeding a true dwarf (half normal and half dwarf) to a true dwarf (half normal and half dwarf) will often produce a FULL dwarf (half dwarf and half dwarf). Some call the the deadly double dwarf genes a.k.a. peanut. Peanuts usually suckle but their growth are extremely stunted and to a point they just fade/waste away.

The reason that peanuts are extremely stunted is because of damaged or abnormal pituitary gland. You may want to read up on pituitary dwarfism and its effect on the affected organism.

The speaker Kelly mentioned that Oxytocin is produced by the pituitary gland. Over the years I have also seen does with retained kits and other breeding problems. Today, I have reasons to believe that the dwarf gene could be the cause of these problems. Perhaps the pituitary gland is not efficient enough to produce enough Oxytocin for the doe to go into labor thus causing retained kits?

I hope by now you should be able to understand the relation between the desire for dwarfism and the effect of the gene that may cause damage to the most crucial organ that produces a very important stress hormone. And the difficult challenge for dwarf rabbit breeders is to ensure rabbits used for breeding have healthy pituitary gland and I believe some are already successful since they have no problem breeding a true dwarf to a true dwarf while keeping a healthy birth rate. Another way to increase the chances would be to breed a true dwarf buck to a normal doe which has been the desired breeding practice.

I found it amazing that the video has nothing to do with rabbits but still I am able to come to the conclusion in terms of rabbit breeding. That shows how much of my brain is made up of rabbits…


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Meadow Haven = Area 51

Holland Lops – the most difficult breed to raise. I must agree and I am not ashamed to say that I have seen it all. In the span of just a few months, I have seen the worsts of Holland Lops in terms of breeding. I do not enjoy the deaths involved but I definitely enjoy the challenges that comes along with this breed. I just couldn’t believe that I am given the honor to experience it all.

Good news is, the rabbits are starting to produce again. Like a car engine, it is normally harder to start after a long and cold night. So as starters, I got 2 kits from Haley x Clark. These weren’t ordinary kits. Haley’s pregnancy lasted for 33 days (today) and I was glad she expelled the kits.

What I got was 1 fetal giant (yes, 7 inches long from tip to tail!) and I got a little cute MAX FACTOR (thanks Susie for pointing out that it is not a peanut). What a JACKPOT combination it is (that reminds me, I need to go check my lottery now – LOL).

With all these difficulties, I realized that I am only now starting to work with the purest of Holland Lops. Indeed and in case you didn’t know, Holland Lops are also known as the freak of nature. They are nothing but natural. Developed through selective breeding, these are but a few traits that has been built into the breed.

If you think that it is easy to get Holland Lops, think again. It isn’t that easy and count your blessings if you have one of those cute little droopy ear critters!

The following pictures are very explicit. These are photos that no breeders will share. This world isn’t a perfect world so in sharing these photos, I hope they will serve as reality check for all of us.

Comparing a Great Dane to a Chihuahua

Bloated little fellow

Isn't it cute? The only problem is, it's DEAD!

These are but a few problems that Holland Lop breeders face on a regular basis. If any Holland Lop breeder tells you that he/she do not get problems like these, it is as good as he/she proclaiming that his/her mother is a virgin!

If the little MAX FACTOR kit reminds me of anything at all, it would be…

Gimli the DWARF!!!


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Normal, True Dwarf & Peanut

I would like to take some time to share my knowledge about some terms that are very common among dwarf rabbit breeders. This applies especially to any dwarf breeds including the Holland Lop.

There is something call the dwarf genes in dwarf rabbits and the genotype “symbol” usually used is dw. The normal gene is denoted as Dw.

A normal or false dwarf will normally have the genotype of DwDw. Meaning to say a pair of normal gene. These rabbits do not have the dwarfing traits like short ears, short limbs and big massive head like a midget. But I must say that some may make very good breeding materials.

Now, a true dwarf is a rabbit with the genotype of Dwdw which means, 1 normal gene and 1 dwarf gene.

Lastly, a peanut is a kit that has dwdw genotype.

So you may ask, how can I not get a peanut. Breeding a DwDw to a Dwdw will ensure no peanut. Just take a look at the combination. Each parent will contribute 1 gene to the offspring so DwDw x Dwdw will only give you DwDw and Dwdw. Meaning, normal kits and true dwarfs.

What is not desirable is to breed DwDw with DwDw. This combination only give you normal kits.

To increase the chances of true dwarfs or show compatible Holland Lops, breeders normally breed a Dwdw to a Dwdw. And this combination will produce peanuts.

How do you know that the kit is a true dwarf? True dwarfs normally have thick stumpy legs, big head, short ears and most importantly, the length of the hind feet is not longer than 2 times the width of the feet itself. So if you’re getting long hind feet, this normally means your kit is turning to be a normal.

And if you are getting peanuts, it means that both the parents are true dwarfs.

I believe that in the market today, most of the “Holland Lop” are not only normal with the DwDw gene, they could also be a possibility of being mixed bred.

There you go, some information about the true dwarfs in our modern world.


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Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 3

Dear readers,

I am not going to post photos today because I came home rather late from work today and I am very tired. But what I can say is that, little Mycrochip does not look all that good. It’s getting skinny and I feel that it is fading away.

Holly Hope has been pulling fur excessively and I was able to pull out bundles of fur from her mouth. I don’t know how much she has ingested. I hope she stop the bad habit and there isn’t much in her stomach.

Sorry to disappoint for not posting photos today. Thank you for your time checking back on this blog.


The Bunnyman


I cannot help but to take a photo of the 2 kits together. I believe tonight may be the last night for little Mycrochip. I guess they are right when they say the more you want something badly, the more it will fade away from you. Maybe there could be a chance Mycrochip could bounce back which I doubt.

It is sad that it all boils down to this sort of ending.



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Tails From Meadow Haven: Holly Hope’s Kindling

“Momma! I feel like bursting!”

“Don’t you worry about a thin, Momma’s next to you”

“Momma! There’s someone standing in front of my cage!”

“Don’t you worry dear, that’s master’s daddy! He’s a very seasoned midwife, if you can’t push any of the little ones out, he will help ya pull em out”

“What! That’s yucky momma”

Approximately at 1.30 pm

“Momma! I am feeling this funny sensation coming from my stomach!”

“It is really near now my dear. Now, now, listen to momma. Go pick up some hay and lay them in that box master gave you. And, slowly pull some fur from your dewlap now”

“Momma, pulling fur’s gonna hurt, I am feeling the pain already!”

“Don’t worry dear, the pain from your stomach will numb you from the fur pulling”

“Whatever you say momma, I still don’t like this old man standing in front of my cage”

“Don’t bother him my dear, just pull yourself together for the great push”

“Momma! I feel something coming out!”

“Alright now, remember you told me master brought you watching the big light? Remember you told me how this guy in white shirt and black shirt squating while punching in the air?”

“Yes momma, it was some guy called Brush Lean (Bruce Lee?). He was preparing to fight this man called Zhuck Snorris”

“Whatever the name dear, remember you’re gonna kindle like right now? Yeah, whatever move he was doing, just do that now”

“Alright. ErrrggghHhhhhh”


“One, momma”


“Two, momma”


“Three, momma and he is still watching me!”


“Yuck momma! What’s this?”

“Oh that’s some left overs. Just gobble em up and be done with it. Be sure to clean the little ones when you’re done”

“Momma, they are so rubbery”

“Oh just eat it will ya, you don’t want master to have so much cleaning up to you”


Hi everyone, we have got 3 broken kits. 1 is a peanut with very nice chocolate shading (I think). Still need a day or two to figure out their color. There are 2 kits that are in good shape. One of them darker than the other. I sure hope they are chocolates. Nonetheless, I am very proud of Holly Hope. Not too bad at all for 1st timer! Another gem.

I know, I know, PHOTOS!

This is how the war zone looked like:


A bunch of fur:


My bundle of joy being heated up. They were squeking like mad when I found them. Must be really cold







Amidst the joy of a new litter there is always a little shade of sadness. Yes, peanuts. We could be happier with less of them. The deadly double dwarf gene is always a heart wrenching outcome to behold. If you notice, it is hard to identify where the ears are. My hope is for it to survive but we all know too well what will the outcome be.


The lady of the day, Holly Hope!


Dinner Time!


Special Thanks to everyone for their prayers especially Lindsey, Kak Azian, SB, Daphie, Nerq & Darma.


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