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Stuck In The Web Of Pettiness

Once in a while I wonder why do I get myself stuck in a whole load of pettiness. It feels like Frodo being stuck to Shelob’s web. The more he struggles, the worst the entanglement.

Don’t we all get stuck in this “you tell who what and who tell me what” situation? I believe as long as we’re dealing with people, we’re bound to face this type of situations.

What most of us failed to see in situations like these are that people do care about us. Why would someone want to know about someone else’s situation if they are not interested at all. Especially when we are living in this very self-centered world, where everyone’s for themselves. I believe when you talk about someone, you actually care a great deal about him/her. Just think about it.

While you give thoughts to that point, let’s look at how cute Truffles has grown.


I love the fact that the ears are still standing at 3 weeks. Hope it stays up till much later.



YES! I would love to enjoy my rabbits and I hope all these pettiness goes away!


Hush now, they are asleep….


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