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Special Request

Nothing much to write except that I received a special request for Pixie Blu to make an appearance. And so here she is, all grown up. Hope this photo brightens up your heart my dear friend, Nerq…

The little darling...



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Seoul Searching

Anyong-haseyo everyone, how are you doing?

I am sure that when you see or hear someone greeting in a different language, you can roughly guess where that person has been. That is also the reason why I have not been updating my weblog lately, life is really really hectic for me. I am really glad that all the bunnies are very well taken care of and I do miss them very dearly.

A beautiful place

The land of Gimchi is so beautiful, enchanting and at times romantic. A culture that is rooted so deep and if only I knew the language, my stay here could have been much better.

And so as most of you have also guessed, what will bunny man do without bunnies? Hmmm, that didn’t sound quite right but I am sure you know what I mean (Don’t think too much!). Again, what will bunny man do without being around his Holland Lops? Go looking for bunnies that is!

After going through some write ups about pets in Korea, I safely conclude that keeping pets is not really a huge thing over here but I did saw a family from Japan with a little long haired Dachshund,  a pretty lady walking her Poodle on the street, a couple more mongrels and a few Animal Medical Centers. Apparently, there is a street that is called Chungmuro Pet Street with over 20 pet shops and veterinary practices. I did not have the time to go there though but the information I gathered was that they cater more for dog and cat lovers. Given the odds, I felt that it was pretty hard for bunny man to find a rabbit here.

While I was making a tour of its famous landmarks, all I could see was bunny articles like musical box, bags and wooden sculptures.

A little cute spinning bunny musical box

Bunny bag

It does feel crowded for a bunny man searching for just one bunny in the midst of all the other types of pets - A wooden bunny

The last day of my stay here soon approached and I wondered if I will be able to see at least one rabbit before I leave. I was not expecting to see a Holland Lop or any funky breeds but at least, just for the fun of it, I wish to see an ordinary rabbit. For the rest of the day, I did not think much about it. After dinner, I went for a little walk around the hotel vicinity and found this cool place called Junk Art Park. It is a park filled with sculptures made out of scrap metals and materials. I found this place rather interesting and as usual, started snapping a lot of photos.

A pair of penguin looking sculptures

As I turned from taking the above picture, and from the corner of my eye, I saw something moved!

A beautiful grey bunny. Running free and wild...

LO AND BEHOLD, a rabbit right in front of me! I was dumbstruck and couldn’t make a move. Before I could click on the camera, it ran and took cover under a jeep parked nearby. I waited patiently for it to come out from underneath the vehicle and it must have been my camera that made it so afraid of me. I was satisfied nonetheless that I finally caught a glimpse of a rabbit here in Korea.

A rabbit appearing in the strangest of places and when I least expected to appear tells me something pretty profound. Some call it fate, others may call it destiny but I would like to call it, God’s little SURPRISE for me.

Happy weekend everyone and everybun!

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When My Fur Grows

Pixie Blu slowly coming into her own...

Time can make a lot of difference to a young rabbit. Time can either break or make the good looks in youngsters between 6 weeks to 5 months. They are different from week to week and that proved my point that most are attracted to rabbits at 4 weeks (under age) and show less liking for 8 week olds. But if you do wait a little longer, you will start to see some amazing results.

But bear in mind that genetics still play a great role here. What I just mentioned should not be taken literally and discretion while obtaining good stocks must be exercised.

I posted photos of Mighty Joe and Nessie last week. Let’s see after just one week, how much they have developed:

Mighty Joe living up to his name...

Nessie, don't you just love her?

Backdrop from – http://www.fabricfanatics.com.my/

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Not Bad For A Pixie

Pixie Blu just wanted to say HI TO EVERYONE TONIGHT!

She is 2 months old (9 weeks exactly).

Looks so grown up tonight...

But only a little longer than a marker pen...

What a precious little darling!



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Howdy, What’s Up?

I have been observing this little fellow for a while now to ascertain if the behavior he was exhibiting consistent everyday. And it turns out this little fellow Pixie Blu love to greet me every evening!

Good evening!


Some head rubs please...


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Grow Pixie, Grow!

In the race to perfection, there will always be imperfections. I would like to see Pixie Blu as a perfect imperfection. Not sure if that make sense but it doesn’t matter, my own definition that is – 😛

I believe most of us will spend more time and effort just to save the problematic babies. Something that is not recommended if you are a staunch follower of “survival of the fittest” school of thought. Compassion gets the best of us sometimes so for me, I was putting a lot of effort into ensuring Pixie Blu survives and I am glad it is working well.

Here’s some photo updates:

As long as a pencil?

This is what you get when a little girl loves her rabbit. Shower it with lotsa girlie toys!

On the other hand, Tru-Luv Sassy went to a very good home today. I am really pleased that she will get VIB (Very Important Bunny) treatment at her new home.

Though having a major molt, she still looks awesome!

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