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What is quality anymore?

boolean bQuality = false;

if (BunnyPrice == Expensive) {
     bQuality = true; // bullshit imho
} else if (Breeder == Famous) {
     bQuality = true; // more bullshit imho
} else if (Breeder == SweetTalker) {
     bQuality = true; // even more bullshit imho
} else if (Breeder == DumbBimbo) {
     bQuality = true; // a truckload of bullshit imho
} else if (BunnyParents == GrandChampions) {
     bQuality = true; // not necessarily
} else if (Buyer == Blur) {
     bQuality = true; // good victim for all the above
} else if (Rabbit == Imported) {
     bQuality = true; // even humans have different grades

Wow, the possibilities are endless but nuff said…


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Definition of a Breeder

I love the way the free online dictionary Wikipedia.org describes the word Breeder.

A breeder is a person who practices the vocation of mating carefully selected specimens of the same breed to reproduce specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics.

This might be as a farmer, agriculturalist, or hobbyist, and can be practiced on a large or small scale, for food, fun, or profit.

And it further described Hobbyist as:

A person who is interested in a subject or an activity as a hobby

And it further described Hobby as:

A hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit

That is exactly what I would like to be referred to maybe minus the profit part on the definition of breeder. Time and time again, I strongly believe that for me, passion outweighs profit anytime. The word profit only means cost cutting in my opinion. Cost cutting ultimately equates to suffering animals.

Profit or fun aside, let’s bring ourselves back to the subject matter. What a breeder means to me?

Not too far in the distant past, breeders are people who consciously put 2 animals of opposite gender together with the intention to produce more. That was about all what a breeder’s role is. Produce more, sell more and earn more. Today I am proud that there is an awareness sweeping across the face of the earth. People are starting to realize that beside from just producing more, they should also produce healthy and good stocks.

Not only breeders are called to produce healthy and good stocks but they now have an even more important role to play. Which is to disseminate crucial information. There are of course breeders from the dark ages still mingling around lurking to pounce on innocent preys caught unaware and off guard. They tend to play with their words and tell of the many lies to get their stock sold.

Some breeders have no qualms passing around genetically challenged stocks, sick animals which causes an outbreak at a fellow breeder’s location and the list goes on. Whatever it is, truth shall always prevail.

So you see, what I am trying to say is that, indeed a breeder is someone that puts two animals together to produce more but there are many more that meets the eye. And the point however I twist and go round the bushes with my words, a breeder remains a breeder whether they are good or bad in our own definitions and expectations.

You do not call a person who puts 2 rabbits of opposite gender together a rabbit PIMP. You call him/her a breeder. Again, not a rabbit PIMP but a BREEDER.

And by all standards, when you breed 2 rabbits of the opposite gender and these 2 rabbits are bought from someone else, the offspring will be considered of your breeding.

The reason for that is that these 2 rabbits did not open the latches to their cage doors and came together to have a jolly good time. No, the breeder will open up the doe’s cage door, pick her up gently and put her into the buck’s cage (after opening the door that is).

So you tell me, in that act of a human being opening the door and placing a female rabbit into a cage where a male rabbit is, what would this action be called?

We in the rabbit world calls it breeding rabbits. And the breeding is done by? The breeder of course! DuHHHhhhHHHhhhhhhHHHhhh…..

If you have been in the rabbit world long enough, you will hear breeders saying, “I am breeding rabbits”.

That means they are deliberately putting together 2 rabbits of their liking and in their best ability judged to be a good match. No breeder with the right frame of mind would say that they own offspring of 2 rabbits not owned by them and are bred by their rightful owner. To say that is totally utter nonsense and outrageous!

In the case of rabbit shows, if someone wins with rabbits bred from my stocks that I have sold him/her earlier. I would be proud that they did well with my stocks. But I could never and should never take credit for those rabbits that won. For it was the good judgment of the winner that he/she bred the rabbits I sold him/her that produced these winning specimens.

Basically, I cannot say that the tallest building in the world is built by me. PERIOD!

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Must Owner Be Breeder or Breeder Be Owner?

I have done an observation for quite a while and I cannot help but to notice that breeding one’s pets seemed to be the natural order of things. No, I am not encouraging everyone to breed.

But as the topic of this post suggest, I would like to post a few questions. Must every rabbit owner be a breeder? Or must every breeder be an owner? I think the latter seemed to be a stupid question right? Of course every breeder happens to be owners. If they do not own the rabbits, how could they breed them?

WRONG! You can breed rabbits even if you are not a breeder. That is because you can create a market for rabbits so that breeders based on your demand, breed their rabbits. That is indirectly breeding I believe.

But as for the first question. Must every rabbit owner be a breeder? The answer is NO. I always like sending my rabbits to people that wants a pet exclusively. To be honest, I enjoy that more than sending my rabbits to people with intention to breed. Not because I am afraid that one day they get nicer offspring out of them and beat me in my own breeding program. That is the least of my concern and in fact, I hope those breeding my rabbits do well because at the end of the day, those rabbits carry Tru-Luv in their pedigrees. Alright, I think I better make my twisted words clearer for the simple minded. I will always be happier to share my rabbits with people who wants to breed the rabbits and beat me in quality. Meaning to say, these breeders have a clear intention to get quality that exceeds mine. I fully support people with such intention. I am not afraid of “losing” business because as I have mentioned many times, this is plainly an enjoyable hobby not money making business.

That being said, please don’t come to me and tell me simply you want to beat me in breeding quality rabbits. Show me how you can do that and convince me that you really can do it. Then you can have my rabbits.

Coming back to that question (I have wandered too far away). Again, I must say that I really prefer to send my rabbits to people who wants them solely as pets not because I am trying to belittle people in general in the topic of breeding. Mind you, I know people that keeps only one rabbit at a time and they make superb breeders too. They have so much knowledge in that area. It is something that they choose not to venture due to many reasons.

I am not going to dwell into why one should not breed because I have done that a million times and by enforcing it further, we may see a total backfire. So it is just a very simple post to enforce and drive home the point that, you can have a wonderful pet without breeding it. Forget about old mother goose story of how you want your pet to experience motherhood/fatherhood and things like that. Those are sheer nonsense. You can never beat an animal in their basic instinct to reproduce so let’s not impose your drive on an animal. We humans are the greater kind with a brain to make judgments.

May you have a great time with your PET rabbit.

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