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Happy Laborious Day!

The Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC) Nationals has just concluded in Columbus, Ohio. My dad and I was looking forward for this event since last year because we sent some beautiful Holland Lop paintings to be given out as awards at the Banquet. We have been keeping the secret for the Awards Chairperson, Mrs. Karen Bailey. Now that the awards has been awarded to all deserving winners, we would love to share pictures of these paintings. I really like each and everyone of them personally and I have since received many compliments on them.

I would like to thank everyone who appreciates my dad’s artwork especially to Mrs. Karen Bailey for commissioning my dad to work on these paintings. We would like to congratulate all winners and hope that the paintings won would be the centrepiece in your wonderful homes.

Broken Variety Award 1

Broken Variety Award 2

Broken Variety Award 3

Broken Variety Award 4

Solid Variety Award 1

Solid Variety Award 2

Solid Variety Award 3

Solid Variety Award 4

BOB/BOS award 1

BOB/BOS Award 2

And one of the award was offered up for Auction at the Banquet and the highest bid was USD 1000 !!!!!

Highest bid goes to Ms. Lisa!

And since today is Labor Day for us in Malaysia (not sure about other parts of the world), we are all spending time relaxing at home and the bunnies are all doing the same too. Don’t believe me?


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