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Truth, Cock & Bull Friday

The amount of bullshit that is going around these days are totally appalling and I cannot help but to sympathize all new comers in the rabbit raising hobby. Day in and day out, new comers are flooded with information and misinformation by “seasoned” breeders and “self proclaimed” gurus of the “industry”. Like the usual, I would love to take on the role of the “bad guy” to clear the air and help confused new comers understand. And as usual, a picture speaks a thousand words and therefore, here are some photos to pick your brain. I did not say that knowing the truth is going to be easy and you still need a little brain power to reason before getting the answer.

I have made this a little more interesting whereby you are asked to judge based on whether it is the TRUTH, COCK (maybe, possible, iffy) and BULL (total Bullshit that is).

Are you ready?

Are you really ready?

Are you absolutely ready?

Are you absolutely really ready?




Have you got all the answers?

Are you sure you have all the answers?

Are you absolutely sure your answers are correct?

Are you absolutely really sure your answers are correct?

Do you want the answers?

Do you really want the answers?

Are you absolutely sure you are ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely very sure you are really ready for the answers?

Let’s do one more….


Are you ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely ready for the answers?

Are you really absolutely really ready for the answers?



Get Set……………………

Are you sure?

TruthYou want more answers?

Are you sure you want to know more?

Are you absolutely sure you want more answers?

Just one more…….


Nothing More….Nothing Less…..


HelloooOOooooo…… like since 2007?

When are you born again? Yesterday?

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The Hay Story

For the past 5 years, I have written and shared my experience raising rabbits. There are also times when I recommended some products for the good of all rabbits in general. For the past 5 years, there has been some unexpected changes. Some changes were mild and does not affect the rabbits while drastic changes like rabbit feed could be a huge set back for the rabbits. Through all these changes, only one thing remained constant throughout these trying times – TIMOTHY HAY! The constant supply of fresh Timothy Hay kept every Tru-Luv rabbit healthy and happy! It is a huge bonus for them to be given quality rabbit food but the fact remains that Timothy Hay remain as the most important part of a rabbit’s diet!

Throughout the 5 years, some of my readers have fallen in love with my rabbits and the few that I have parted with are now in the best care. I can only thank those who have believed in Tru-Luv Rabbitry for their support. The fact remain the same, Tru-Luv Rabbitry is not a bunny business. For those who have pet rabbits, I am sure that you will agree that it is very hard to part with our beloved rabbits and that remains as my #1 concern. Being selective to who I share my rabbits with has brought about many rumors. One of which will go down history as the most absurd – Tru-Luv Rabbitry neuter its rabbits at the age of 8 weeks old! I can only pray for wisdom on the receiving end of that rumor! I sure hope I can perform neutering on a 8 week old bunny. That is just impossible! It is very common for the forerunner to be the target of jealousy and envy. After 5 years, Tru-Luv Rabbitry is still very much alive and kicking.

Since this is not a bunny business as in I do not make a living selling Holland Lop rabbits, I embarked on a different route/journey last year. Somewhere in April, we saw the birth of http://www.TinyCritterz.com. Today, I would like to thank all our customers for your wonderful support and believing in TinyCritterz.com. What I recommend and carry on this e-store are the essentials and all that you need to keep your pet rabbit healthy and happy. These are the exact products that I use for all my rabbits and the results clearly show in the many photos that you have seen on this website.

I would like to take the time to promote the Timothy Hay that we carry at TinyCritterz.com. For the longest time, it never fails to baffle (shock/surprise) me why are rabbit owners spending so much paying for GRASS! And with that in mind, I have devised a solution for the benefit of all rabbit (or pets needing Timothy Hay) owners. The solution is simply AFFORDABLE HAY!

Please visit our e-store for more information – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=33&pkProduct=39

Benefits of buying from TinyCritterz.com

1. Your rabbit eats what every Tru-Luv Rabbit eats!

2. The hay is QC approved by Tru-Luv rabbits, and hand packed by myself (REALLY!). You are buying from someone passionate and truly cares for your rabbit(s) as well.

3. We ensure only fresh Timothy Hay your rabbit will love!

4. Lowest Prices in town because you have decided to share the cost with other rabbit lovers!

5. You need not buy in huge amount and risk the hay getting stale and moldy!

6. It will be delivered to your doorstep!

7. We accept the convenience of credit card payment!

8. The Timothy Hay is imported from USA!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to show your rabbit some LUV! Or at least show this poor bunny man with blisters (from packing hay) some LUV ya’ll!

Freshly New ARRIVAL - Bunnylicious!!!!


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Staple Food & Conditioning Mix

It saddens me very much that after 3 years of relentless efforts by a group of us to promote good rabbit diet through the internet, “business” seemed to ruin it for us.

Here I was walking down the aisle of the major Pet Store in Klang Valley and suddenly, my browsing pleasure was interrupted by the sales assistant who was sitting on the floor tagging prices on some rabbit food. She said, “Try this brand, it is what I use and my rabbits love it”. On closer inspection, I can only make out one word – JUNK!

This brand of rabbit food seemed to be a big hit among the local rabbit owners. And the best part is, the pellets come in 2 colors – green and orange. The green suppose to denote certain vegetable and the orange as you can guess, denotes carrots. Time and time again, we are sending very clear message to the general public that CARROTS are NOT suppose to be the staple diet of rabbits. And to top it all off, when I turn the package to the back to scrutinize the ingredients further, CORN was listed as one of the major part of the rabbit food. Corn is a major NO in a rabbit’s diet because it is extremely fattening. And usually, when ingredients like these are listed as the first few ingredients, their portions are normally above desired amount. What we need to lookout for are ingredients such as Alfalfa Meal or Timothy Hay/Meal.

Sometimes I really do not blame ignorant customers for buying these junk foodstuff for their pets. They are after all, in the mercy of what the sales assistants promote to them. And what sales assistants do best? SELL!

I told the sales assistant off, “This is junk food, good luck with your rabbits”. Well, in my heart, I wouldn’t expect more from this pet store and its chains because people at the top are ignorant too. Things will never change as long as the money rolls in continuously. Although many pet store names suggest that they care a whole lots about your pets, more often then not, they DO NOT and all they care about is money off your pockets!

As I walk further down the aisle, I was again shocked by another product that they were carrying. It was filled with seeds of all kinds and dried fruits. They are selling these as staple food. It is so disheartening to know that they can’t even separate staple food from conditioning mix.

Let me tell you what conditioning mix is. Whenever you do not see green pellets and alfalfa/timothy hay as one of the ingredients, more often than not, the product is a form of conditioning mix. Most obvious when they are made up of different seeds like sunflower seeds, black oil sunflower seeds, oats, wheat, dried banana, dried papaya and etc.

So when you see a packet of mixed seeds with little or no pellets, be positive that this is not staple food for your bunny. Besides, the real staple food for a bunny is hay. Pellets are just fillers to keep their stomach filled.

Why do we need conditioning mix? Rabbit pellets are suppose to consist all the nutrients a rabbit needs to thrive. By right, a rabbit do not need anything extra besides the pellets. True – but if you can be absolutely sure that the pellets are fresh as in they are longer than 3 months out of the mills. As time goes by, pellets like any other food stuff loses its nutritional values. Conditioning mix are usually used to make up for all nutrients that has been lost or to give some extra shine to the rabbit’s coat.

There are many types of conditioning mix used by breeders especially show breeders and they even make their own. The question is, do we need them? I believe in moderation. I have friends who feed their rabbits raisins and some other treats once in a while. Of course it is permitted and conditioning mix can be used similarly as treats.

Now I hope you know what staple food is and what conditioning mix is all about.


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Chopped Hay Is Junk!

Everytime I pick up the last strands of hay from the package, I realized how much loose hay and powder I have. As of late, I found that there are people repacking all these loose hay to be sold. Very enterprising. Unfortunately, loose hay does not serve much purpose for our rabbits.

Rabbits should be given strands of hay that will upkeep the motility of their guts.

So the next time you see chopped hay being sold, bear in mind that it is like someone selling their shredded paper which serve no real purpose. Stop wasting your money and time on those useless chopped hay. The only good thing I see in them is that you can fit them in the bowl.

Let’s come back to the real and actual reason we feed hay to our rabbits. It is all about stomach motility. Cellulose and fiber that helps a lot in the rabbits’ stomachs.

Have you ever seen the rabbit’s anatomy? They have very long intestines that needs long strands of grasses to help “flush” those “blockages” and poops out. Chopped hay is no different from just feeding pellets which are made of hay too.

Just get fresh hay in strands will ya?


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