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Judges At Rabbit Shows: Something You Should Know

First of all I must say that, an ethical ARBA registered judge will never decide to judge if his/her rabbits regardless of owners are competing in the show. This means that if there is a rabbit in the show what is bred and sold to someone, the breeder who happens to be a judge must not judge in that show. There should not be any room for favoritism even though a judge is known for his/her strong principles and ethics. They will normally not agree to judge based on their own conscience and beliefs. That is a trait worth respecting because after all, humans are weak and may be influenced to a certain extend.

And guess what? I have got word that one of the US breeders that sends rabbits here will be judging a show in Malaysia in near future. He/she is a very experienced show breeder but given the fact that this is just a fancy rabbit show and not a full fledged ARBA show, it is acceptable even though I believe he/she is not an ARBA judge.

But somehow I find it weird as he/she will be judging his/her own rabbits since there may be rabbits in the show that came from him/her. Oh well, this is Malaysia, the land of “Malaysia BOLEH (Malaysia CAN)!”. Anything can happen. Let’s simply put it that I prefer “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”.

I wonder what happens in the US if the judge is indeed judging his/her own rabbits and insists to judge despite knowing the fact that there are rabbits from his/her breedings on the table. Let’s see what really happens in the show as it would be really interesting to watch. We better not be judging a rabbit show before the judge judges the rabbits.

But for now, I wish all RABBIT HELL breaks loose! Get those bunnies conditioned and ready for the SHOW!



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