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WARNING: This post contains explicit content. Reader discretion and parent advisory needed!

The Back Scratcher

The Back Scratcher

In case you do not know what this is, this is called a Back-scratcher. Whenever you have an itch at the most bizarre and unreachable locations, this tool can be of great help.

It is one of the tools in this world created for Self-gratification, which the Free Online Dictionary defines as “the act of giving oneself pleasure or of satisfying one’s own desires.”

In the local common lingo, it is called “Syiok Sendiri” and for those who find it hard to understand, another term everyone should understand is called “masturbation”. Do not get me wrong and forgive me for being crude, I must confirm that rabbits do not masturbate. However, I cannot say the same (or guarantee) for rabbit owners though plainly because there is just so many ways rabbit breeders can satisfy their pleasure seeking for victory.

I am sure it is hard to read between the lines on this post but every once in a while, we need the Back-Scratcher.


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Recommended Reads

TruLuvRabbitry.com consists of static pages and articles posted in chronological order. To date, I have written 1,349 posts on this site. Though I love to keep a journal of my journey in this hobby, the only issue I have with chronological blogging is that readers tend to miss some posts if they do not visit the site often. In this post I will share some of the top posts and my favorite posts written throughout the years.

Readers’ Favorites:

Here is the Top 5 list of posts and static pages that are most frequently read by our readers:

1) How Should A 8 Weeks Old Look Like

2) Essential Information

3) To cull or not to cull…that is the question

4) Normal, True Dwarf & Peanut

5) The Types Of Breeders In Malaysia

My Personal Pick

Here is my hand picked Top 5 posts that I feel might be worthwhile and informational for my readers:

1) The History of Holland Lop

2) Road To Grand Champion!

3) What Happen To The Points?

4) The 1000th Post

5) Who Would Have Thought?

These are but a few of the many articles written based on my thoughts, opinions and observations. Again, they are my own journal that I shared publicly and some may raise serious debates, disputes or mere interesting discussion topics. Either way, I hope my readers especially those who have just found this site and started following the newer posts, will take time to browse through the archives which date back to year 2007.

Happy Reading!

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Purpose 2013

When I first started out in this hobby years ago, I had a purpose – to prove that ethical breeding and responsible pet ownership is possible even in one of the smaller species like the rabbit. Having had seen the spectrum between the best and worst in pedigree dogs, I was excited to embark on a journey to prove to myself and hopefully to people who follow my blog that it is possible to provide rabbits with good standard of living while enjoying them as a past time either as merely pets, as show or breeding animals.

I remember very clearly that it started out as a little pet project of having them as just pets and thus their main objective and purpose of living was to provide me with companionship. And my purpose then was to ensure they are well taken care of. I remember very clearly that in some part of the world, to teach a child the sense of responsibility was to give them an egg and their main purpose is to ensure the egg does not break in their care for a certain amount of time. Likewise, throughout my years of keeping animals as pets, the number one objective is to keep them alive under my care with the basics and the basics soon change into full fledged pampering.

As the years go by, the purpose started to change. I learned about the showing sport and now the rabbits have different purposes because my “requirements” for having them has changed. I started injecting myself into this sport that chases for perfection and the measurement for perfection changes through time. Throughout the years, I met people who have come and gone in this sport and others have come full circle with many degrees of realizations. For those who have since moved on, I am not sure what was their rational behind their decisions but mine is of the dilemma of the entire world producing animals that are exactly identical in physical traits and characteristics without using cloning technology in hoping to garner the title of “best representation of the breed”.

Where I am at the moment and what is my purpose? This seemed to be a question that is constantly being asked no matter which milestone I am at while keeping Holland Lops as pets. It really does not matter where I am but it really matters which phase makes me happiest.

I can confidently say that being involved in “groups” or “clubs” is my least favorite part of the hobby. It distracts me with a lot of unnecessary happenings most of which are personality clashes and human related. It occupies my precious time from what matter most – my rabbits. Without a doubt, if I have to give an advice to new people embarking in the hobby, avoid bothering yourself with human matters unless you have all the time in the world to worry about petty disputes or unless you are a highly focus person that can stay above all the dramas. Most of the time frustrations will come in the form of differences of opinions and objectives/agendas.

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting and having a wonderful meal with a bunny couple. I could not agree more with one of them when he said that chasing after perfection does not really make sense to him when he knows for a fact that his rabbit is perfect. I was in awe by how spot on he was in identifying his needs and wants which helps a lot in identifying his purpose in the hobby. His thoughts further affirmed my beliefs that if we are not strong in our focus of our purpose in anything that we do, we can be easily manipulated and waver in our lives.

Besides from spending time cuddling, grooming and caring for my rabbits, I have enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts through this weblog. I take pride when someone mentions how much he/she has learned through this blog. It surprises me that someone will mention posts that I least expect people to understand and quoting what they have learned from it. Readers who gets the points put forth really understands them and that in itself is a purpose fulfilled for me.

My observation so far of the rabbit world at large is that there is a broad spectrum in terms of “rabbit communities”. There are the pet people, the in between pet and breeder groups, the hard core breeders and the animal rights activist groups. Each with their own set of distinctive objectives and agendas.

After putting myself in a few roles in this hobby, I still prefer the pet person in me. I find this role to be the most fulfilling for me. I am sure that many people agree with me that some of us just prefer to have a little Holland Lop bunny that looks like a little bulldog as a companion and pet. In many instances, I miss posing my rabbits and taking photographs of them. I am glad that throughout the years, I have amassed a huge collection of beautiful Holland Lop photos.

Coming full circle, what are my purpose and the purpose of my rabbits?

I must say that a purpose to live without requirements, expectations and judgments on the part of my rabbits.


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The World of Expectations

One thing that I find myself encountering on a daily basis is expectations. We are expected to get things done within a certain timeline or, we ought to behave in a certain manner failing which we will face the wrath of a bunch of very angry mob. These are a couple of real life examples.

Simply put, when the expectations are not met people tend to get agitated,  or may even start a riot. Unmet expectations can also turn one into a fanatic, go berserk and utter the most extraordinary accusations one can imagine. In extreme cases, I have reasons to believe that killers and serial rapists are products of unmet expectations.

The show world is nothing and will never be short of expectations. Expectation to win aside, there are definitely a lot of expectations imposed on the competing object be it a cat, a dog or whatever that is in the fancy.

Priorities being priorities, after witnessing strange behaviors exhibited by a certain few (human, mind you), I started to wonder what is the focus point of the big picture. I almost lost sight being surrounded by all the “chaos”, erratic behaviors and suddenly I saw it. A bunny’s teeth. I slowly step back and get a good view of the rabbit. The chaotic thoughts slowly vanished and I thought to myself. If I were a pet bunny, what would my expectations be of my owner?

I believe being just a simple being, a rabbit wouldn’t ask for much and things aren’t as complicated. I sat down and illustrated my thoughts in the picture below:-


I strongly believe that with just these 3 items, a rabbit will thrive and they are all the basics a pet rabbit can ask for.

Now let’s compare our human expectations of our rabbits if we allow our crazy dreams and aspirations to go wild:-


Conclusion, so much expectations lah….

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The Day I Quit Show Rabbits

I am a sore loser, I am this and I am that. You know what? I am whatever you think I am. The truth of the matter is, I don’t give a sh*t and I know who I truly am myself and that is what matters. It was definitely not easy to come to this point in my life but I am glad that I am here at this very moment with this exact thoughts.

For the past 6 years many events have taken place, crazy situations unfolded and of course the many changes that have resulted from good and bad decisions. It would be a shame if throughout the 6 years nothing have changed and most importantly if nothing has grown, improved and progressed. We all do seek for achievements and improvements in life else, we are merely existing.

Seeing so many out there who are just trying to be someone else makes me feel that I am very lucky to have found myself throughout the challenges life has thrown at me. Not many have the opportunities to do what they like and enjoy thus, they seek to imitate someone else hoping to achieve the same “feel good” rewards. Let me tell you, it never feels the same.

I for one have never liked imitating others and I shun from doing the things others do for the simple fact that being a follower, you are only limited to things you can follow. When a follower sees someone else admiring art, they tend to want to get their hands on a piece of art and go “goo goo gaa gaa”. But the question is, do you actually or really admire the art or it is just another passing novelty for you?

Throughout the years I have posted about how fun raising show rabbits are and have defined the meaning of what show rabbits really are. The glamorous Pedigree, Ribbons and Grand Champions. Some of my friends looked at me as if I have lost my mind. To a certain extent, I did.

Behind all the glamour, was a person lack the confidence and self-esteem. Behind all the glamour, was the yearning for affirmation. Let me give you an example of thought process for people who lacks and yearns for affirmation. This is something related to me by a friend who is single and yearn to be loved by someone of the opposite sex. People who are yet to find their other half or spouse usually have many self doubts and the question most asked, “Am I that bad not to deserve someone to love me?”. That is a very real example of one lacking the emotional affirmation.

What has that “emotional affirmation” got to do with rabbits you may ask? It has nothing to do with rabbits generally but, it has a great deal to do with some who call themselves “Show Rabbit Breeders”. I am not denying the fact that there are breeders who are truly working with the betterment of the breed in mind. Truth is, THERE ARE! I know of the rare rabbit breeders who are working their butts off trying to revive breeds that are soon going extinct. But on the other side of the extreme happens to be among those in the fancy breeds.

A lot of these breeders are chasing after their own acclaim and glory. Behind the pretences of “betterment of the breed”, “social networking” and “meeting the standards”, there is this darkness that consumes them – affirmation. It is plain sense of belonging, being accepted and recognized!

I must admit that during this time of vulnerability, one can easily succumb to falling prey to those who seek to take advantage of others and I had been in such situation many times. In the end it was a learning process that I have to go through and learn. I realized that I have allowed those situations to happen and have since empowered myself not to allow that to ever happen again.

To think of it, it is rather sad how we have diminished ourselves in order to get that “nod” for a rabbit we own. And the irony is that, the rabbit do not change us a bit and we are still the same person inside and out. The hypocrisy really is, the judges and people around us are saying that the rabbits are beautiful, not the owner!

Today, I celebrate all the Holland Lops and friends in this hobby who have helped me discover who I truly am. I raise my cup in a toast for all my rabbits that have bring out the best in me. I thank each and every one of them for teaching me priceless life lessons – love, responsibility, patience, kindness, simplicity and many many more…

So what becomes of Tru-Luv Rabbitry?

We are still the same like always, Tru-Luv Rabbitry remains a rabbitry built on the foundation of two (2) words – True Love. Are we still raising show rabbits? Of course, “show rabbits” are only mere words that represent our commitment for quality of life we provide our rabbits with. No matter, each rabbit deserves the best from us, the steward and for only as long as they live.

Sometimes, it is not the rabbits that need improvements but it is ourselves who are in dire need of help. Help to put us in perspective and even help to wake us up from a certain hallucination.

For the day I stopped being a Show Rabbit Breeder is not the day I stopped placing my rabbits on the table but in actual fact, THE DAY I QUIT SHOW RABBITS WAS THE DAY I FOUND MYSELF…

The Grand Canyon sure can put you into perspective!

The Grand Canyon sure can put you into perspective!

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What’s The Point Of This?

When we attended school, the one thing that we are most afraid of is examination. We go through all the topics for a particular subject and at the end of the semester, we are tested through an examination or perhaps an assignment based on the topics covered. There is always fear surrounding the examinations that I believe can be attributed to the fact that it is natural for us humans to shun or avoid defeat. The peer pressure does not make it any better because our pride will be greatly damaged if we fail a particular subject.

I guess the entire ecosystem is taking examination the wrong way because now that I have gone through most of the “theoretical” examinations, I am indeed going through all the “practical” examinations life is throwing at me. Do I succeed in all so far? Of course not but I get to learn from mistakes! I believe whether it is a theoretical or a practical exam, the main objective of an examination is to gauge how well you know a certain subject or how well you are equipped for a particular skill. Each failure provides us with a new opportunity to sharpen the knowledge and skill needed to pass.

Like an examination, I look at rabbit shows as a time of examination or a platform to gauge how well one has harnessed the skill of breeding show rabbits. Technically, your rabbit is not competing with the rabbits in the judging coops beside it. It is judged against the Standard Of Perfection or at least that is how it should be. The closest to the Standard Of Perfection, the higher it places in the entire group. But of course it is not as mechanical as it seemed since there is human factor involved in the judging process. So perhaps a little dent or bald spot on your rabbit become the one factor it was placed 2nd.

Placing high or low is besides the point here. Again, it is an examination if you are going the correct direction in achieving what the Standard of Perfection is asking for. For show breeders, their rabbits are critically judged in many levels. The rabbits musts be first judged by the breeder himself or herself before deemed “showable”.  They are then placed on the official show to be judged by the qualified judges. This can be seen as one sitting for the A Levels Examination as foundation and moving on to his or her Diploma examinations.

Whatever it is, examinations or rabbit shows are there for us to gauge our progress in the certain knowledge or skill we are trying to obtain.

Truth be told, my observation (and others as well) tells me that is not the case when it comes to rabbit shows in Malaysia or perhaps in other countries as well. Someone I know even shared his observation on rabbits being imported before shows. It is happening so rampantly that so much so, importation news can be taken as indication of a rabbit show coming soon. I do not have anything against importation since we need imports to improve our herd. Most imports if not all are very good breeding materials of course but I was hoping that breeders have a little more faith in their rabbits.

I like over analyze things so just to make sense out of it all, I would like to rationalize and put into writing the reason for this phenomenon. No one have to agree with me and I do not expect that. Just my thoughts thrown into my own writing space.

Examination Theory

Using the same examination theory that I have put forth earlier. Placing imported rabbits on the show table seemed a little weird for me because one seemed to be yearning for affirmation if he or she imported the correct stock. Knowing well that different judges seemed to have inconsistent opinions, what if your imported rabbits are placed at the bottom? That is such a hard blow to the resources spent. But the point really is, what would you like to gauge showing imported rabbits? I can only think of the following:

  • Did I import good rabbits worthy as breeding stock? Isn’t that too late now that the rabbits have arrived?
  • Are my imports winning materials? If I am spending that amount of money, I better be sure to win but there are just too many variables to fulfill in order for someone crown your rabbit a winner.
  • Are my imports better than his/her imports? There is no point competing on the human level. You will soon be outplayed by millionaires who have money to burn.

There is a misconception surrounding rabbit shows as of late. Winning seemed to determine everything for a breeder. More rabbits and rabbit products sold just because the breeders are in the business and ride on the win to promote certain products they carry. More than meets the eye in my opinion.

The real reason in my humble opinion for any new acquisition of rabbits be it purchasing locally bred or import is to improve whatever traits that are lacking in the current herd.

And to conclude, it makes sense to me that to show my home grown rabbits to gauge of my progress and if I am happy with the placement, I am confident that is an affirmation telling me that I am on the right track and I should continue doing what I am doing to improve my rabbits further.

Two good examples I have in my rabbits that I have harnessed the skill and am now ready to move forward with life.


The first is Murdoch the broken tort buck that was placed 1st and last by two different judges. That proves that there tend to be inconsistencies between judges. I am indeed happy with how Murdoch turned out to be and as his 1st level judge, I passed him with flying colors.


The second is Blaze the solid tort buck that was placed top 5 by two different judges. Extremely happy with his development and as his 1st level judge, I also passed him with flying colors.

Am I praising myself? Sure and of course. This hobby can get really self glorying at times and who better to praise you other than yourself, right? You need that much confidence to be able to be courageous enough to put your own rabbits on the show table most of the time.

Beyond the technicalities of the standards, and above all, rabbits like Murdoch and Blaze are first and foremost my pets. I treat them like my little children and they deserve all the care an owner can provide.

And what does all the ribbons and trophies mean to me? Rightly so, they belong here…


Ribbons and trophies will never match the worth of joy, friendships and companionship these rabbits have provided to my family and I.

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The Unnatural Intervention

Kudos to the people at Bunny’s Journal for another successful bunny gathering that is still ongoing as I write this piece. I am happy to see that the committee is on auto pilot now having had a lot of experience organizing such events. Due to other commitments, I was only able to stay for the Bunny Clinic by Dr. Nor Azam from Global Veterinary Sdn Bhd.

A good session by Dr. Nor Azam.

A good session by Dr. Nor Azam.

The Bunny Clinic session was very good especially for those who are interested and with rabbits needing medical concerns. I did ask a couple of questions and Dr. Nor Azam was more than willing to share his knowledge.

One topic that got everyone perked up was regarding reproduction problems and today we were introduced to a couple of Vitamins and drugs that can help in inducing ovulation. It seemed as though most of us present are facing reproduction problems especially in does – low libido and uninterested to mate seemed to be on everyone’s minds. At the back of my mind, I was asking myself “Why induce ovulation when rabbits are already induced ovulators themselves?”. What that means is that going through the act of copulation triggers the does to release eggs. And that got me wondering if ovulation can rouse the interest of does to copulate.

I guess we have to test it out to know if the reverse will be successful.

Testing it out or not is really besides the point of what I want to write today. The question is whether it is worth the trouble and is it right naturally to exercise such “unnatural intervention”. I feel that there is a reason why the rabbits are acting that way and even with human intervention, the low production traits will be inherited genetically.

If need be, I would really like to try out the hormone shots on the bunnies but at the same time I still hold on to the objective/goal of producing strong and versatile rabbits here in Malaysia while still retaining competitive physical traits. That is for me, I am not sure about you.

The BJ Mascot and me.

The BJ Mascot and me.

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Marble & Pocket

Due to recent events and life’s experiences, I would love to write a little story to brighten up everyone’s day. Here goes…

Once upon a time, there lived Marble and Pocket.

Marble is a very special thing because it can multiply itself and there is never an end to the number of Marble to be found. In short, you can almost not run out of Marble.

On the other hand, Pocket is a very lonely thing. It always feel empty since whatever that is placed in Pocket, will always leave Pocket. They never stay permanently.

One fine day, Pocket met Marble and soon Pocket realized that Marble multiplies. Each time Pocket felt hungry, Pocket would complain to Marble and seeing how pitiful Pocket was, Marble voluntarily sell some of itself to get Pocket some food. Then, Pocket thought of a fantastic idea because Marble cannot stop multiplying in Pocket that space was running out.

Pocket started selling all except one Marble and soon Marble felt used and abused.

To cut the story short, Marble left Pocket and Pocket felt all alone again.

And the moral of the story is…

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Let’s Have Some Fun!

The wonderful people at Bunny’s Journal is kicking off the new year with a wonderful monthly effort – the Bunny’s Journal Road Tour Show. There will be a gathering for rabbit lovers every first weekend of the month starting from 3rd February 2013!


The main objective of the event is to allow all rabbit lovers to gather in one place and have fun, lots of fun! It is a great place to share experiences with fellow bunny lovers.


There will also be Rabbit competition and it is open to all rabbits regardless of breeds, color and sizes! Rumor has it that rabbits will be judged based on stringent but yet special criteria and the judging system is one that promotes fairness and equality!


Lucrative prizes awaits the top 3 winners including a challenge trophy that will be changing hands at each Bunny’s Journal Road Tour Show! While this post is being written, it has been confirmed that 3 Pedigree rabbits of various breeds will be up for grabs as well! Winners will also receive Genesis Ultra Premium Products!

This event is powered by none other than Genesis & TinyCritterz.com!

Let’s come together to support this wonderful event!

Due to other commitments, I may not be able to join in the fun but hope to see you there!

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Stay Tuned…


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