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Binky Free Baby Shiro Milkyway

Just got news that this little sweet boy passed over to rainbow bridge. It is a sad day. Binky Free Baby Shiro. Please give Clark a hug for me…

Fresh spring water waits for you at rainbow bridge...

We will miss you...



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Binky Free GC L&R Breelynn

GC L&R Breelynn is one name to remember in the Holland Lop circle. She is the #1 Broken Senior Doe at ARBA Convention ’09. Bred by Linda & Ron Jinnings and owned by Jennifer Harris, Breelynn is sorely missed by all of us that have came to know her.

It is a sad day for me today because I know Jennifer through our regular chats and like everyone else that knows her, we share the feeling of losing a very beautiful little doe. I know how much Breelynn means to you Jennifer, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Breelynn, “GONE TOO SOON” indeed…

Binky free Breelynn

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