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Someone shared this very interesting article and I cannot help but to realize how amazing selective breeding is…

Check it out – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/19/evolution-of-my-little-pony_n_3617896.html

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How Far Can Selective Breeding Go?

I stumbled across this interesting video and cannot help but to wonder what will happen if it is apply on rabbits. Is it right?¬†“How can nature co-exist with the unnatural?” seemed to be the question that plays over and over on my mind.

I have heard of Artificial Insemination used on Show Dogs a while ago to keep stud dogs free from STDs and it does have a higher success rate. But the thought of collecting rabbit sperm and fertilizing does manually sounds a little far fetched.

Perhaps through “selective breeding” we can produce a muscular Holland Lop?


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