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Marble & Pocket

Due to recent events and life’s experiences, I would love to write a little story to brighten up everyone’s day. Here goes…

Once upon a time, there lived Marble and Pocket.

Marble is a very special thing because it can multiply itself and there is never an end to the number of Marble to be found. In short, you can almost not run out of Marble.

On the other hand, Pocket is a very lonely thing. It always feel empty since whatever that is placed in Pocket, will always leave Pocket. They never stay permanently.

One fine day, Pocket met Marble and soon Pocket realized that Marble multiplies. Each time Pocket felt hungry, Pocket would complain to Marble and seeing how pitiful Pocket was, Marble voluntarily sell some of itself to get Pocket some food. Then, Pocket thought of a fantastic idea because Marble cannot stop multiplying in Pocket that space was running out.

Pocket started selling all except one Marble and soon Marble felt used and abused.

To cut the story short, Marble left Pocket and Pocket felt all alone again.

And the moral of the story is…

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The Chronicles of Indy & Indiana

The last thing Indy & Indiana can remember is the noise in the workshop. The tickling sensation from the sewing machine can be vaguely felt. It is an unforgettable feeling because the combination of the noise and tickling, their hunger were filled with the warmth of cotton making way into their little tummies. “These two are perfect, I would like to have them both please”, said a voice.

And then there was darkness…

“Thank you very much for these wonderful gifts Aunt Karen, I am sure the girls will love them very much”, said Tim.

It was in Room 294 where Indy & Indiana first met Tim at Indianapolis. “We overheard you mentioned about the girls. Who are they?”, asked Indy. “You two are coming to live with us in Malaysia. The two girls are my daughters Bree & Beth”, answered Tim. “They will be so excited to see you both”, he continued. “When are we leaving?”, asked Indiana. “In a couple of days after the convention. For now though, you both will be warm and cosy in my suitcase”, said Tim.

Time went by pretty quickly and soon, Indy & Indiana found  themselves floating in the air and when they finally arrived in Malaysia, they were both give hugs by the girls. Beth and Indy became good friends since they both have so much in common. Bree and Indiana took a while to get acquainted as Indy had a hard time understanding Bree.

So it begins the adventure of Indy & Indiana with the B-B Girls…

Indiana (left) & Indy (right) are two Solid Cream Holland Lops from Build-A-Bear workshop

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