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29th May Is A Very Good Day!

I would firstly like to thank Ellen Whyte for a superb article entitled Pet Ethics. My wife was joyfully reading the article on our way to the hospital and she loved the way Ellen writes (who doesn’t right?).

There is only one small correction that I need to mention about the article. I was totally my fault for not conveying the message clear enough.

JAPAN and USA. Please allow me to make this correction on everyone’s behalf. Ellen wrote that I sell my rabbits to JAPAN and USA. I must stress here that I HAVE NOT SOLD ANY TO JAPAN and USA. Ellen and I were laughing about this when I pointed it out to her. How JAPAN and USA came about was during my short interview with Ellen, I mentioned that it is amazing how these rabbits has traveled to more places than me. On their way here to Malaysia from USA, they had a stop over at Japan. I must be giving the wrong answer to Ellen’s question. I apologies to Ellen and The Star for that blunder. I better clear this off before I get slandered for nothing.

It is an honor to appear on The Star alongside another ethical breeder, Hun of http://suggiesathome.wordpress.com and super pet rescuer Alicia Ling Horsley of PetEpicure.com on this article.

Remember I mention HOSPITAL?

My wife and I welcome our 2nd daughter today. What a great day it was….FANTASTIC!

Baby Bree

It has been a long day. I hope I’ll do well for the TV1 interview tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Thank you to most of you who have SMS/call me to congratulate me on the newspaper article. I hope it has shed lights to what Ethical breeding is all about!


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Super Good News!

Would like to inform all readers that Tru-Luv Rabbitry will be featured in 2 major medias this weekend.

1. The Star Newspaper
Weekender Section
29th May 2010

Thank you very much Ellen Whyte for the opportunity for me to be part of her much anticipated article on an issue that needs dire attention.

2. RTM 1
Selamat Pagi Malaysia
30th May 2010
8.10 a.m.

Thank you very much the producers in RTM for the opportunity for me to give a proper introduction of the Holland Lops to Malaysia first thing in the morning!

Do pray that all bunnies are well behaved especially during the interview. I am still picking the right rabbits to bring with me. So do tune in to RTM 1 if you want to see them live on air. Truffles will be making an appearance too!

Thank you everyone for your support!


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