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The End Of A Book

Most of us like to compartmentalize the different phases of our lives and perhaps call them chapters. As for me, this is not just one chapter but more of an entire book. Almost three years ago, I embarked on starting a new book, a spin off from this weblog call TinyCritterz.com. Its objective is to serve and give our readers the convenience to use the rabbit products I use at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. With the feeling of excitement and gladness, I have decided to officially wrap up TinyCritterz.com effective 18th August 2014.

I feel that I owe it to my customers and readers to at least have a closure because as a customer myself, I would hate to have my regular shop stop operation without notifying me.

I am a firm believer of the fact that one cannot do too many things well all at once without at something giving way. I remembered back when I was blogging about rabbits on a regular basis, I was very focus and the contents were good. Since then, many priorities have changed (naturally) as with life in general, as a rabbit blogger and the only reasonable thing to do is to simplify.

Whenever making a decision, it is my nature to put myself in someone else’s shoes and in this case, my customers’. Yes, I have thought of you and I do not wish to leave you in limbo and cause any inconvenience especially one that will affect your beloved pets. I am doing this more for the rabbits than anything else if you have not already notice that. And of course for all the nice rabbit owners I have the pleasure to call customers and friends.

I am going to introduce someone who will be able to help cater for all your pet’s needs and this person needs no introduction. I have known Brandon for a few years now and he is such a committed/friendly/kind/helpful/knowledgeable person working hard for the same cause – providing good services/products to fellow pet owners.

For all Timothy/Alfalfa Hay, Rabbit and Small Animal Food products and Boarding services, please liaise with Brandon at the following contact information:-

Golden Pines Rabbitry (Brandon)
Tel: 017-3211083 (call, text or watsapp preferred)
Email: brandon.whizbiz@gmail.com

For Rabbit Nutri-Drops supplements, please contact me directly via the contact below:-

Email: truluvrabbitry@gmail.com

Thank you all for your support and love. It has been a great pleasure serving all of you.




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Closed For Holidays

We would like to inform that TinyCritterz.com will be closed for holidays effective today until 27th October 2013. Business will resume 28th October 2013.

Thank you for your continuous support.

For urgent matters, please email truluvrabbitry@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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Chow Down Monday


Order here today!!!


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Let’s Have Some Fun!

The wonderful people at Bunny’s Journal is kicking off the new year with a wonderful monthly effort – the Bunny’s Journal Road Tour Show. There will be a gathering for rabbit lovers every first weekend of the month starting from 3rd February 2013!


The main objective of the event is to allow all rabbit lovers to gather in one place and have fun, lots of fun! It is a great place to share experiences with fellow bunny lovers.


There will also be Rabbit competition and it is open to all rabbits regardless of breeds, color and sizes! Rumor has it that rabbits will be judged based on stringent but yet special criteria and the judging system is one that promotes fairness and equality!


Lucrative prizes awaits the top 3 winners including a challenge trophy that will be changing hands at each Bunny’s Journal Road Tour Show! While this post is being written, it has been confirmed that 3 Pedigree rabbits of various breeds will be up for grabs as well! Winners will also receive Genesis Ultra Premium Products!

This event is powered by none other than Genesis & TinyCritterz.com!

Let’s come together to support this wonderful event!

Due to other commitments, I may not be able to join in the fun but hope to see you there!

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Come Support Us At MAHA

Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food will make its debut at the Asia largest & most comprehensive Agricultural Show, MAHA (Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism International Show)!

The Genesis booth is the first from the entrance of Gate 3 arrival area. It will be quite easy to spot it!

Rumor has it that there will be an amazing promotion going on during this massive expo that lasts for 10 days!

Your pets cannot speak but they sure can tell you if they are healthy by their physical appearance!

Also available is the green and fresh TinyCritterz.com Timothy Hay!

Come join and support us at MAHA!

Venue: Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang, Serdang

Date: 23rd November 2012 until 2nd December 2012

Time: 10 am to 10 pm

We will be giving out samples of the much anticipated Genesis Ultra Premium Guinea Pig food as well (while stocks last)!!!!


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I am extremely glad and pleased to announce the launching of our very own online pet store – www.tinycritterz.com.

As all of you may know, I have been blogging for a while now and has been recommending quite a number of good rabbit products in the past. I felt that I can do better in terms of providing more services to my avid readers. This effort is also partly to get rid of all the “advertisements” on my blog so that I can just write better articles.

My wish for this new venture is to allow my readers to obtain all the rabbit products (and more) that I have featured in the past and also those that I will recommend in future.

If you are at TinyCriterz.com right now, you will see that it is pretty empty and lack products. I hope that you will check back often and enjoy seeing it grow to a “MEGA” online store. Do bear with us as we are still expanding (not that vigorously). I am sure it will slowly take shape but right now, all the essentials are available for purchase, so please do patronize. Thank you very much in advanced.

There are so many people I would like to thank for supporting me and encouraging me to take this little leap into business. As you all know, I do not do bunny business that much due to my policy. The idea of an online pet store came about mainly due to that same reason. I felt that I did not provide enough services to my readers. Many have expressed their interest in my rabbits but sad to say that many may have walked away empty handed mainly because I do not have enough to share. So here you have it, I am sharing in another form of service – the convenience to purchase what your bunny needs (at your fingertips) over the Internet.

TinyCritterz.com as you can see are 2 words made up of the acronym of my name Timothy Chan (TC). I believe it is the right time for an extension out of Tru-Luv Rabbitry to have a retail arm to support everyone in the hobby of raising pets. I hope that everyone will patronize and leverage on this service that I humbly provide.

It is our hope, both my wife and I that in the near future, we can channel some of the profit made by TinyCritterz.com to help in any independent/non-profitable animal welfare societies or bodies. Though it is still a long way to go but we shall always have this thought on mind.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my former boss Ms. Lew for giving me the encouragement to take this giant leap, you can never deny the words of a wise woman. Also (but not least), I would like to thank the artist/digital illustrator (a dear friend) whose works I have always admired and loved, Ms. Lauren Elizabeth of Ruffles Art Studio (also on facebook) for having flawlessly illustrated Tru-Luv Balian as featured in the logo of TinyCritterz.com. And I did requested her to give a little smug smile to Balian in her illustration.

The amazing work of Ms. Lauren Elizabeth - I love to call her the digital art prodigy.


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