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Romantic Duos

For the past 3 years, I have shared my rabbits with many and I am pretty sad to say that only a handful take the trouble to update me on their progress. Though only a few are proactive in keeping in touch, we have formed a strong friendship bond among ourselves. We take turns to bunny sit for each other and it is really fun to have a little support group going on.

A friend asked me about Skor tonight and I was struck with sadness. I am quite disappointed because I last heard about him a month after I passed him on. The only photo I have of him was taken 3 days after he went to his new home. Once in a while I’ll send a text message to his new owner without any replies.

As I was about to turn off my computer and go to bed heart broken, one of my “bestest” bunny friends IMed me and sent me these photos. They really made my day. Thanks a lot Shahfiq and Adesh! You both rock!

Mishu and Bugsy. The newly weds. Successfully bonded for life....

The love birds!

The man, Truffles chilling...

Miss Muffet, Truffles' wifey.

The Loving Couple

Isn’t that just wonderful? Everybunny is just happy. Not to mention the super huge living quarters that they have for themselves. It is like Kent and Barbie’s mansion I tell ya!

The world is perfect with bunny owners like these 2! Good news is, I know quite a few like them. Awesome!



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The Future of TLR

As all of you already know, I constantly make improvements in the rabbitry and am not afraid to try out new things. For that reason, I really want to express my heartiest thanks to Teri & Stephen Reymann for sending me 2 of their finest rabbits. They arrived safely today and I just picked them up at the airport. Everyone and everybun is dead tired so please forgive me if the rabbits do not seemed to be posed well. They needed much break too after the long journey and believe me, these photos really do not do them justice as far as posing is concerned.

My Christmas has just been completed this year with the addition of this 2 wonderful rabbits! I have been toying with the idea of owning a Netherland Dwarf and I can’t resist any further. Sonshine’s Goodie Two Shoes (Tiramishu) is such a beautiful Black Otter Netherland Dwarf. She has got at the most 1.5 inches of ears!

Sonshine’s Brown Sugar (Java) is a hot tort Holland Lop babe that has really chunky bones. She just blow me away every time! And she’s a lot of personality already!

I should have uploaded this earlier!

Don't you just love her?

I love the upright SHORT ears!!!


Really short ears!!!

I love her, REALLY!!!

Love the crown and curve!

She's filled with personality right now!

Hawt BABY Java!

I am hugging her to sleep!

Look out for more SURPRISES coming in near future!


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