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86th ARBA Convention Holland Lop Updates


First of all, I would like to congratulate Jenny Poprawski of Camelot Rabbitry on winning BOB with SSD Bootie & Linda Jinnings on winning BOS.

This is Camelot’s Bootie the BOB OPEN Winner – http://camelotrabbitry.com/bootie_002.JPG

Congratulations to Donna Williams for placing 2nd SSD with 1111 right after the winning doe!

Congratulations to Tracy & Jenna of THF Saynora for placing 2nd with SSB Abe & 10th with BSB Jonah!

Congratulations to Scott Rodriguez (breeder of TLR’s foundation stocks) on the following placings:

  • Ivy Crescent Mason – 2nd Place Solid Junior Buck out of 124
  • Ivy Crescent Cherie – 8th Place Solid Junior doe out of 124
  • G.C. Ivy Crescent Rodeo – 6th Place Broken Senior Buck out of 72
  • Ivy Crescent Natasha – 3rd Place Broken Junior doe out of 62
  • G.C. Ivy Crescent Firecracker – 16th Place Solid Senior Buck out of 123
  • G.C. THF Saynora’s Quinson 9th Place Solid Senior Buck out of 123

YAY! To Ivy Crescent Hollands! LOL (Yes, I am biased :P)!

*BOB = Best Of Breed, BOS = Best Opposite Sex, SSD = Solid Senior Doe, SSB = Solid Senior Buck, BSB = Broken Senior Buck


I would also like to congratulate Christina Hall & her daughter Aislin for winning BOB in the Holland Lop YOUTH category with an awesome doe called SHE BANGS! I would also like to thank them for sharing these wonderful photos with me.

Congratulations to the Maki Family for placing 7th.

Congratulations to the Usakowski Family for placing 13th.


This is a REAL ARBA judge judging. Handsome? You BET!


The MASSIVE room just for YOUTHS!

Thanks Susie for this one!


Judging COOPs


Solid Torts awaiting for judging


More Hollands waiting for their turn to shine!

This is another eye opener for local rabbit enthusiasts! This is what a real RABBIT SHOW is and a MASSIVE one at that!

Now, it is time to wonder where is that woman that was boastful about her placing in BIG shows and selling junk at premium prices? There isn’t any trace of her. So what’s up with all the GCs?

Truth will always prevail…



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