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The Molting Juniors

The worst thing a breeder can do is show off his molting rabbits but I thought what the heck, I spend quite a while snapping these photos. Might as well we all enjoy them, right?

Furthermore, it has been a while since we last saw the little cuties.

I am very amazed by how each rabbit has some traits that I like and dislike. That goes to show that there will never be a perfect Holland Lop or should I say it is very difficult to achieve perfection. But I learned that breeding two rabbits that compliments each other yield very good results. I only wish that there would be a perfect combination in my future breeding that produces “perfect” rabbits.

So here they are.

Little Barney looking all cute! I am gonna miss this little guy as he is going to his new home this weekend

Wilma will be awesome once she grow into those ears. She is the bomb!

And here's our little Thunder Jr., Baby Fred

Fred acting cute!


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Tru-Luv Barney Available

He is going through a major molt right now. His forehead is bald from me plucking baby fur.

Alright, this is for real. How fast time flies and this little guy is now ready for booking/sale. Please email truluvrabbitry@gmail.com. Only genuine inquiry please.

D.O.B. : 26th January 2010

Here are some of his baby photos:


Cute Overloaded!

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Congratulations to all winners at HLRSC Nationals!

2010 HLRSC Nationals is about to end as I write this post. Linda and Ron Jinnings of L&R Rabbitry won BEST OF BREED with a broken tort while BEST OPPOSITE SEX of BREED goes to Becky & Allan Ormond of Bunnyland USA!

My good friend Scott Rodriguez won BEST FUR!

Congratulations to all winners and those who have placed well!

Just got news that the 2 paintings my dad sent for the auction helped the club raised some awesome amount! I am happy to hear that everyone had fun bidding! Thank you very much Colleen, Jennifer and Kay for updates on this. Really appreciate it!

Mr. Mark Carson of Iowa won the highest bid with this wonderful piece. Mark is HLRSC Zone 3 Director. Peggy Ross of TX owns it now.

Here's the other wonderful piece that has got a successful bidder too!

And just a little update of the 3 kits. They are going through the uglies right now so are not looking their best.

Tru-Luv Barney

Tru-Luv Fred

Tru-Luv Wilma

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Tru-Luv Barney

Today’s bonding time for little Barney and I had the mood to snap a few photos of him. The 4 of them are 7 weeks old now. They will be weaned starting next week. It has been very interesting to see them grow from just tiny little pinkies and it seemed as though it was yesterday.

I think I saw a little crown growing?

Barney putting on a "don't mess with me" look!

Barney, not the purple dino please...

On a crazy note, I am always envious of breeders who are working on “COLORED” Holland Lops. One thing for sure, I am very confused because the Tort doesn’t seemed to be considered a color. I wonder what it is. But anyhow, I have just embarked on a new journey. The colored Hollands bandwagon/bug has caught me unaware and now I am totally addicted. I have a new found love for the color – GREEN. YES! I’m “developing” GREEN Holland Lops!

Isn't he perfect?


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Since using the funkadelic and retro background, I have been thinking of colors. I decided to give the kits their names and was looking for a TV program that has 4 characters in which 2 are boys and 2 are girls. I finally settle for…

Boy #1

Boy #2

Girl #1

Girl #2


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