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Updates on Charlyz, Eclipse & BlueBerry

Thanks to Kak Azian for these wonderful photos of the trio. After this post, I no longer need to write updates on them anymore. That is because, we’ve got a new bunny blogger in the house. Please visit http://lazzybunny.wordpress.com.

Here’s the trio:


This is the blue version of Michelin Tyres. LOL!!!!!


Look at those stumpy legs! Cuteness!

For your information, I was told that Charlyz has her own Teddy Bear and she smells like strawberry. LOL! Totally spoiled rotten this little girl. Again, like Moesha, I like how thick she turned out to be.


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Tru-Luv Eclipse: My First Regret

Remember this boy? He has grown to a very very handsome buck. And before you say anything D, you are right! We all expected Eclipse to turn out gorgeous. I am not too worried because Kak Azian was kind enough to agree that we use him as a stud in future. Maybe we should try him with BlueBerry. Shall give him some more time to grow into a super stud as he is still a junior now.

Here are some photos courtesy of Kak Azian. And you can read my mind, I regret the moment I saw these photos! LOL!!!!




Don’t you just love his HEAD!?

These are the photos of him when he was younger:

And as Laurie has written so many times, patience is the name of the game. And I can totally relate to her now when she said how she hates having a kit looking like a champ at 3 weeks and why she prefers late bloomers. Eclipse is a late bloomer. I hope Luna follows his footstep. I think she is…


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