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Another Possible Regretful Decision

My waiting list is long but my supply list is short. There are quite a number of people who have approached me for one of my Holland Lops for the longest time but most are rejected for various reasons. Some never return and even threw in a few curses in hatred for my “arrogance”. But I am always in awe to see the persistence in some of these potential buyers. I am more than willing to share and help the unsuccessful candidates with bunny that they might face although they do not get any rabbits from me.

I am always happy to see others making improvements through my opinions and advice. One such case is the person that I am passing one of my rabbit to this weekend. I truly respect this person for being so persistent and I am glad that he made the effort to keep in touch. He even updates me on the progress of his rabbits.

With great reluctance, all bunnies at TLR bid farewell to Tru-Luv Truli. They are almost 11 weeks now and it is really difficult to decide which to keep and which to share. If I could, I would like to keep them all – LOL!

And since I am confident that he will have a good life in his new place, I have picked Tru-Luv Truli. As usual, I did a little simple health check on him and take some photos for keep sake.

Clean and well aligned teeth

Clean vent area and it's a BOY!

Very difficult decision indeed...

The bone on this guy is amazing...

Over to you Mr. Recycle…



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Gearing Up For Christmas 2010!

With all the snow falling on this blog, it is hard not to take some Christmas photos for all the bunnies in Meadow Haven.

Here you go…

Ivy Crescent's Thunder - Chief in command

Tru-Luv Fred - The General

Wark & Miller's Carmel - The matriarch

Ivy Crescent's Haley - The Security Chief of the Bulldog Bunnies

Tru-Luv Sibylla - The Mother Superior

Sonshine Brown Sugar aka Java - Bone Unlimited Doe

Tru-Luv Wilma - The Matriarch of Quatorts

Holly Hope - Head of the Chocolate Factory

Tru-Luv Truli - 1st Quatort Captain

Tru-Luv Trulo - 2nd Quatort Captain

Tru-Luv Trudi - 3rd Quatort Captain

Tru-Luv Trudle - 4th Quatort Captain

Tru-Luv Magique - The 1st Chocolatier

Tru-Luv Mystique - The 2nd Chocolatier

Tru-Luv Symphony - The Head Of Aviation

Tru-Luv McNite Noir - The Head Of The Dark Knights

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