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A Good Story For All Of Us

When we give life to toys, there will always be a story to tell. So it is with each and every one of our lives. Every one of us has a story to tell. Whenever I watch a film, I somehow try to derive at least a  moral value out of the story told in it.

The most touching part of this story for me was when Andy passed all his toys to Little Bonnie. Andy wanted someone to take good care of his toys and trust that Bonnie was the right person. On the other hand, the entire movie was about how the toys wanted to find a good home.

I know of some adults who reminisce their childhood so much that they start collecting action figures that they once had as children (and especially those that they regret destroying).

It is not any different if we would apply this story to our beloved pets. Like the toys, they are unable to tell us what they want or prefer but it is totally up to us the human to decide for them.

Most of the time our pets may live longer than our short lived impulse. Most of us only have love that can only last as long as the cuteness of our pets. Thereafter, most of our pets’ fate would be like Lotso’s.

There are also cases where our ability to care for our beloved pets may be short lived in situations such as relocation, a more demanding job or moving into a new place that doesn’t allow pets. In those cases, we really need to ensure that we find new homes that are similar if not better than their current ones.

What I am trying to say is,  LOVE your pet like a toy that matters and means the world to you! Even if you have to pass them down to someone else, find a good owner for them that will do the same.

May you and your pet make a good story together.

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Inquiry 101

I am getting a lot of inquiries lately but sad to say, I ignored most of them. Much has been said about Malaysians and most of the remarks were that Malaysians are very polite, courteous and friendly. I have to disagree because many these inquiries that I received lately put me off badly.

I found that people no longer have the courtesy to introduce themselves. Again, I am not trying to be arrogant here but at least, a simple introduction would be appreciated.

How would you feel when someone emails you and say, “How much is the XXX, send photo and price”?

HelloooOOOOooooo….Do I know you?

Let us not forget that we are all POLITE, COURTEOUS and FRIENDLY people. We are brought up with good values. So let’s stop acting like uneducated people.

This is a community service message, in support of HAVING GOOD MANNERS!


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