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Happy New Year 2014

HappyNewYear (Small)

Once again, we have crossed the line into year 2014. Bunny wise, 2013 has been mundane and nothing in particularly significant. I guess that is a good sign for me because it is in maintaining mode.

Over the years with the many experiences, most of the downs are no longer being handled and seen as downs. For example, I no longer fear rabbits going off feed which happens for no particular obvious reason because I am prepared and know how to handle such situations when they do happen.

The only down for me would be losing a rabbit in death if I have control over the cause of death and did not do anything to remedy the problem in the first place. Such situation did not happen throughout 2013 (touch wood!).

So what will 2014 bring for Tru-Luv Rabbitry?

This year, I did not make any New Year’s resolution. I find no reason to because I would like to enjoy the hobby as it is without any expectations for the bunnies. Breeding is no longer a priority and if I do breed them, I will most probably share the rabbits with like-minded people – those that truly love their pet rabbits.

However, I would love to take more photos of my rabbits. I find that very fun because it brings both my interest in rabbits and photography together.

One of the questions I received is about aggression in rabbits. I’ll leave you with a good video I found regarding this subject on youtube.com to start off the New Year.

P.S.: The main reason why I encourage pet owners obtaining rabbit(s) from me to neuter their rabbits. If they are for pet purposes, they should not be aggressive because most of the time, pet owners want to keep them in pairs.



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