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Right of first refusal

There is a universal etiquette or code of conduct practised by rabbit enthusiasts. It is the courtesy to give the rightful breeder the right of first refusal. Let’s say that breeder A buys a rabbit from breeder B, breeder A will ask breeder B if he or she is interested to have the rabbit back should breeder A no longer wants to keep it. Many breeders including myself appreciate such a gesture as it is a sign of respect for a fellow breeder. Should breeder B declines the offer, then it is up to breeder A to decide his next course of action.

I was recently given the right of first refusal and I was over the moon not only because it was the first in my 7 years in the hobby that this has happened but also the rabbits were returned to me in very good condition. It felt like “finally, there is hope for humanity!”. I am just so delighted and it truly inspires me knowing that people do appreciate good values.

One of the rabbits returned to me was Houdini. I can never forget this little girl and the reason for her name is self explanatory. She is the little bunny that will perform disappearing acts and I had to spend my mornings looking for her when she was 14 days young. She has grown quite a bit now and I do not have to worry if she will escape from her cage anymore.




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