Waste Management

I know that most HL breeders in US have a barn equipped with very effective watering and feed systems. But I have not seen those personally and it makes me wonder how they are built. Another thing that I am very curious about is how they manage the tons of “pellets” produced by so many bunnies. As it is, I have a big bag full of newspapers and “pellets” after every daily cleaning session. I cannot help but to wonder what is the best way we rabbit lovers can manage the litter produced by our beloved pets.

I hope someone could shed some lights on this matter as far as small scale rabbitry is concerned. I know on a larger scale, breeder used a bottom tray that is slightly sloped so that all pellets and urine will flow into the drainage, and then into the collection bucket. Is this method smell-proof as well? I believe there will be urine residue stuck on the drainage pipes and that would cause smell build up.

I am currently using Woody Pet litter for the bottom trays of the cages and also their individual litter trays. For me those wooden pellets are quite effective in absorbing a great amount of pee thus keeping the place dry and almost odorless. And as most would know, we are heading towards a worst global warming situation and producing more waste may worsen the current situation. I was wondering if I could do something with ideas which are most environment friendly and also cost effective.

Good waste management to share anyone? For rabbits kept indoors that is…


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2 responses to “Waste Management

  1. Kim

    Hi there;

    We have an outdoor rabbitry, but we 5 years ago had our rabbits on 1/2 an acre with just a small shed in the back yard (20 rabbits).

    We had to keep the smell down as much as possible. We found using wood pellets for wood pellet stoves, and sprinkling the top of them with shavings worked great. Wood pellets around here are around $5.50, and shavings $10.50 a bag– 40lb bags for the WP, and a 10 cu feet bag of shavings.

    We also found cleaning with vinegar and water was great, as it would get rid of the urine smell, just rinse well after use. And another idea would be Stall Dry– you use it in horse stalls to get rid of the urine smell. It works really well in litter pans (just a little sprinkle).

    I hope these helped…. now we have 90 holes and a huge barn but we clean twice a week still and try to keep the smell non-existant. We now only use shavings, and we still use the Vinegar/Water as well!

    Kim : )

  2. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for leaving that great tip. I will try my best to get the materials mentioned. When it comes to rabbits, our supplies here are quite limited. Your suggestions would definitely be a great help.

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