Tru-Luv Knee-Yo @ Week 3

Little Knee-Yo is 3 weeks old today and such a cutie filled with a zest for life.

The perfect side

Unfortunately, we all know the irony of raising Hollands. If it wasn’t for one problem, it would be another. I noticed that his right eye is a little cloudy the moment it was opened. I have been applying an ointment but to no avail. It is definitely sad because I have so much high hopes for this one.

I am sure there is always perfection among imperfections.

The imperfect side



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3 responses to “Tru-Luv Knee-Yo @ Week 3

  1. msiangrp

    i really pity for your baby…….hopefully it will recover soon.btw your baby is netherland dwarf rite ??? coz the ear is too short

  2. yueyi

    poor’s it blind?
    his ear still helicopter style..

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