Pets first, all else later…

Today, I would like to ask all of you to just take a good look at your rabbit(s) and ask yourselves one question – What do you see?

As I go on a bunny website hopping morning, I cannot help but to admire breeders who are constantly working on their herd but never once lament not winning anything. For them the rabbits are truly their pets and they love them as they are not as how many ribbons/medals that come with them. These breeders are in fact enjoying their hobby. No worries at all whether or not they are winning. Even if they win, it’s not a big deal to them. It takes a lot not to be sucked into the competition and I really take my hats off these breeders. And you know what? Their rabbits are really beautiful too.

What do you really see? Do you feel guilty for putting so much weight on its shoulders? Those little tiny shoulders. Yes, your human hope + aspiration + ambition + expectation, all in one is placed on this little tiny creature we all call rabbit.

Can you live with that?

I just can’t. They are my pets first, all else doesn’t matter so they come later…

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Their Destiny, Your Decision...


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