Kritter’s/Kitty’s Crumble

Kritter's Crumbles Coarse & Fine

Here’s another amazing bedding product I would like to recommend to all rabbit owners. By far the best in odour control I must say. Just take a look at the video below:

I know most of you are very supportive of “GO GREEN” and therefore, I believe Kritter’s/Kitty’s Crumble will best suit your “GO GREEN” crusade.

More information here –


Highly absorbent, biodegradable and amazing unbeatable odour elimination = PERFECT !


KITTY’S CRUMBLE 9L (1.8KG / 4 LBS) retails at RM 25 and based on my own experience is able to fill 32 triangular litter boxes (pictured).

32 times of this litter box

Let’s say if you need to clean the litter box 2 times a week, a bag of 9 Liters Kitty’s Crumble can last you for 16 weeks. That is approximately 3.5 months for 1 rabbit?

I like to stretch it a little. Let’s say you feed your rabbit a good rabbit food with Yucca Extract and its odor is less offensive, perhaps you only need to change the litter tray once a week. This means that a bag of 9 Liters Kitty’s Crumble can last you for 32 weeks!

RM 25 / 32 = RM 0.78 per week!

RM 0.80 per week is dirt cheap! And by the way, it is dirt after all!

This is totally amazing!

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