One of my favourite computer games when I was younger was Lemmings. It is quite similar to the modern day Angry Bird puzzle game that many have came to be addicted to. Lemmings in real life are small rodents similar to hamsters and the mice. I am not sure why they were given such a “stupid” image in the game but it was definitely frustrating at times when they fall short of the instructions given by the player.

Taken from Google images

The objective of the game is to rescue the whole herd of lemmings from inevitable death by using different skill sets to escape the puzzle. This game only tells you one thing – A Good Leader (you) can save an entire herd of Lemmings from extinction.

I am sure by now you will somehow understand my point and where I am coming from. As of late, I cannot help but to notice how easy it is for new comers in the rabbit hobby to be mislead. To a point that I must state the obvious and when I do that, it puts me in a bad light. Unfair isn’t it?

Things I have noticed happening:-

1) Oops, made a mistake which buck we use as STUD for you (If you didn’t ask, we will never tell). Shit hits the fan when kits of unexpected colour starts appearing in the litter – this is really NO CLASS. THIS IS CHEATING

2) Hyping up one’s herd credibility through many unscrupulous means and selling pets for brood/show quality price. Taking advantage of people without knowledge. THIS IS CHEATING

3) Selling pregnant does without informing buyer (you never ask, we will never tell). THIS IS DISHONEST

4) Promising rabbits with GC Legs when they really do not. Even original pedigrees are sure to be lost in the mail (freaking lame excuse). THIS IS CHEATING

5) All the above are given MERITS and SUPPORTED! THIS IS LEMMING!

With so much loose ends, I start to wonder if these irresponsible seller/broker/breeder or whatever you call them, give you what you paid for. Somehow their actions make me doubt further. People like that are capable of anything. Promise you a rabbit through photo but in real life it is a different rabbit, giving you a fake pedigree and even a mixed breed rabbit does not seem impossible.

Everyone love the convenience and depends on hearsay. “I heard this line is good so it is expensive. Never mind, as long as good I can spend a lot”. And soon, one after another just like the lemmings, they follow suit to inevitable death. Every lines has got its different quality if you do not already know. If only you care to learn how to distinguish between them. That’s if you really care. The same thing applies to unscrupulous rabbit sellers and it is very easy to put them out of business – WHEN THE BUYING STOPS, THE CHEATING WILL TOO!

If telling the truth is unpopular (which has always been since the existence of mankind), what should or can be done? I guess nothing. So I’ll leave you to continue supporting/encouraging and being mislead. I have grown and am done playing the LEMMINGS game.

I must also point out that this rabbit thing to some is pretty important as it has become their source of income and having the need to survive, has turn to immoral approaches. Pity is one thing but how many can you take pity? I am happy to be able to write and express my opinions through my observation without a care for anything because really (and again), this is just a hobby for me and not life or death situation. For some it is TOP PRIORITY – one rabbit not sold would mean no food for a day (sad but true).

And the point of this post really is, I just wanted to wish all of you, HAPPY BEING CHEATED!


AVAILABLE|Buck|DOB: 13 June 2011|Interested please email: truluvrabbitry@gmail.com


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