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It’s Snowing

Once again, it is snowing here at TruLuvRabbitry.com and that only means we are getting closer to the wonderful Christmas day.

Personally, it has been a superb year for me overall. The job is as amazing as ever, the family growing up nice and pretty, and there are just so many things to be grateful for. Christmas time is always magical. This year it will be extra special for the family and I as we expand the extended family. The biggest part of the celebration has always been around children and I am so excited that this year it will be just that – for the children.

Who would have thought that a friendship forged through the rabbit hobby more than 7 years ago still continues to grow. I have met many friends along the way and this gives a brand new definition to what friendship is all about.

Remember the reason for the season is LOVE and nothing but LOVE.

IMG_6237 IMG_6269

And to spread the Christmas cheer, here’s one of the songs that is looping on my playlist…


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