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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Let the cuteness flow….


Am I cute or what?


Double dose of cuteness!


You got to love the natural posers!


If you’ve got an itch, you’ve got to scratch it!


Are we done yet? I am sleep….yawn…….



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It’s Snowing

Once again, it is snowing here at TruLuvRabbitry.com and that only means we are getting closer to the wonderful Christmas day.

Personally, it has been a superb year for me overall. The job is as amazing as ever, the family growing up nice and pretty, and there are just so many things to be grateful for. Christmas time is always magical. This year it will be extra special for the family and I as we expand the extended family. The biggest part of the celebration has always been around children and I am so excited that this year it will be just that – for the children.

Who would have thought that a friendship forged through the rabbit hobby more than 7 years ago still continues to grow. I have met many friends along the way and this gives a brand new definition to what friendship is all about.

Remember the reason for the season is LOVE and nothing but LOVE.

IMG_6237 IMG_6269

And to spread the Christmas cheer, here’s one of the songs that is looping on my playlist…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Today being Christmas, I received a very special present from my god son and god daughter. They know that I love rabbits and gave me Apple flavored Milk Candies from The World of Beatrix Potter. Luv them to bits and pieces both the candies and my god children!


On to some less serious stuff. I cannot believe that we’re entering the 7th year of Tru-Luv Rabbitry. As I strive for improvements while enjoying the hobby, it has been quite a wonderful year for the rabbits and myself. The highlight this year has got to be attending the 90th ARBA Convention at Pennsylvania, USA.

You can read all about it here – A Bunny Vacation.

During the holiday season, I also reminisced the wonderful time I had at the 88th ARBA Convention at Indianapolis, USA. I wrote a much more interesting post back then and you can read all about it here – 88th ARBA Convention Through My Lenses.

Year 2014 shall be a year we go back to basics. Firstly, I hope to write as often as I can so that our avid/loyal readers will once again enjoy revisiting and reading the contents. I will try to be less intense and vulgar (try my best that is). The level or sarcasm should remain because that adds color while I get to release some creative juice.

2014 will be a great year for Tru-Luv Rabbitry. I would like to thank everyone for visiting this weblog. I personally am very happy that it is still very much alive and kicking. We have just renewed the “dot com” domain for another year.

IMG_9940 (Large)

And with that, I would also like to wish all readers and friends….

the Happiest, Jolliest of Christmas and a Wonderful New Year 2014!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

Every year, I look forward to having little baby bunnies born on Christmas day. This year like any other, none of the does cooperated and thus, we will not be seeing pinkies on Christmas day. But, Tru-Luv Rabbitry has 2 little additions early this morning and I am so filled with joy that I am unable to sleep. It’s 2.30 am on a quiet chilly Saturday morning right now that I am writing this post. It is always nice to see little pinkies and it has been quite a while since we have any kits born here. On the happiest note, I would like to present to you the last litter for 2011 here at TLR, Tru-Luv’s Hope and Tru-Luv’s Luv…

Hope and Luv

And with that, I would also like to wish all readers and friends….

the Happiest, Jolliest of Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

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Merry “Bunny” Christmas!!!

Technically, this is the 2nd last post for year 2009. I will be taking a little break this holiday season so there will not be any post till after Christmas. I believe the next issue of the MROC Newsletter would be delayed because most if not all my fellow committee members are so busy with their own vacations.

From all of us here in Meadow Haven, we would like to wish everyone the Merriest of Christmas. May all stomach be filled with great food and stockings filled with ipods, handphones and many interesting presents.

Cheers to all!!!

* background photo courtesy of Cheri Bushee (love ya mom!) of Dovehill Rabbitry

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