urineOFF Those Stubborn Stain

Alicia of Pet Epicure recently sent me information about the latest product that her shop carries call urineOFF. I was very interested to check this new product out because I have not encountered any other that is able to remove those stubborn calcium deposit buildups that we love to hate in rabbit urine.

So this is the review that I would like to share with everyone on my experience with urineOFF for small animals.

These are the steps given at urineOFF official website for litter trays:

1. Empty the litter box

2. Wash and dry as usual, being careful to rinse away all traces of

3. Liberally coat the entire box, inside and out, with Urine Off.

4. Allow to air dry – 30 minutes or so.

5. Initially it may take more than one treatment to remove built-up urine.

Once box is odor-free, wipe with a paper towel and put it back in service!

As instructed, I sprayed on Hope’s plastic litter tray and allow the bio-enzymes to work their wonders. I left the litter tray for approximately 30 minutes to be air dried.

This is the litter tray before:

And this is the litter tray after:

Alright, let’s be realistic here. It is 2 am in the morning and I am trying to prove that this product actually works! But I did not have the patience to wait for the 30 full minutes so I settled for 20 minutes of air drying the litter tray after spraying with urineOFF. I must admit that the stain came off easily with a little scrubbing. I had the impression that the stain would come off without a scrub but as I said, we must be realistic here. Those are stubborn stains that has been accumulated for the past few weeks and without urineOFF, it is impossible to get rid even if you scrub it for 30 minutes. With urineOFF the scrub was made easier. I believe if I leave the urineOFF for longer time, it would be squeky clean.

As for now, I am very satisfied with the outcome. Let’s see if I can make Skor’s litter tray look brand new. I believe I have to soak it overnight. His litter tray is the ultimate. If urineOFF can clean his litter tray, it can clean anything!

It smells really good too I must say!

We shall see…

And by the way, Moesha finally posed for me and wanted to say “Hello” to everyone:


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6 responses to “urineOFF Those Stubborn Stain

  1. azian9100

    Eh.. commercial break….. Just Kidding..LOL… okey.. it’s remove that stubbon stain and that..that smell because of urine. I might say the stain is not so easy to clean. That a very good product.. did you put it in your .. SALE item. After used does it proven from the new stain?
    Ok that was a very nice shot of MO. The 2nd picture.. how do you snap the picture.. Not so easy to get that post. Maybe this Mo not lazy.. but shy shy little bunny.. haha… the second picture.. just immagine that..
    ‘she move.. side by side, side by side’ thenn……. singing..
    ” You are my sunshine… my only sunshine…”
    ” You make happy……. lalalalalala….

  2. LOL….You made her sound like that Guinea Pig in Dr. Dolittle…

  3. Pet Epicure Sdn Bhd

    wow, i haven’t tried the rabbit and small animal urine off yet so thanks for the trial/demo. i didn’t expect it to be quite so effective…

  4. laila

    can i know…where can i get those urineOFF product??

  5. LOL

    Laila, can please hover your mouse over the word Pet Epicure. You can get the contacts there.

    I believe some pet shops do carry them. But I got mine from Pet Epicure.

  6. Océane AUBRY

    Why would you use chemicals to wash it off ?
    You can never take off soap completely from a surface that’s been washed … it can hurt your rabbit
    Here a little trick …
    -> White vinegar
    It coasts nothing and is perfectly safe for all animals not only rabbits you just take the litter box, empty it, put white vinegar in it (a few centimeters or an inch should do) leave it for a good 20 minutes and brush the stains with an old tooth brush that’s been cleaned up.
    When the stains are gone just rince with water and your good to go.
    Every single time you clean your rabbit’s litter box just wash it with white vinegar and water and these nasty stains will never come back…

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