Life’s Little Rantings

I am in my foulest mood today and apologize for using my little space here to vent my frustrations.

At times like these, I tend to recall craps that a certain breeder told me that I later found out to be total blasphemy and they are things that this person do herself.

This person claims that her rabbits are of top quality and quoted her standings in the sweepstakes. With all due respect, there are validity to the sweepstake points but it is somehow advantageous to people who show their rabbits in every single show.

If you’re looking for a good breeder, do lookout for those who don’t show much but still get their name on the top breeders list. Those are the legitimate show breeders.

Sweepstakes standings more often than not reveal the best of the worst. They just do not reflect the actual QUALITY standings of what the breeder produces.

Another crap that was fed to me was how adults breed rabbits and get their children to show them at the youth level. This person was using this sort of excuse to alleviate herself. What a freaking cheap shot!

I do not think ARBA judges are quacks in that sense. If the bunny is good, be it youth or open they remain as good bunnies. I don’t think a judge will pick out a BOB for the freaking sake of doing so. It is competitive at the end of the day.

I will never again believe a single word this breeder tells me and it is sad that many will not have the chance to leverage on the craps when she start opening her gap in days to come!



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7 responses to “Life’s Little Rantings

  1. I totally agree with you, Tim!! A person can take 20 or more rabbits to many shows and get lots of points even though the rabbits never got a BOB or BOSB!! They can rise to the top of the sweepstakes points by showing crap rabbits!! That’s why I really don’t go by sweepstakes, I go by what the rabbit looks like that I am purchasing. These are things that a person learns the longer they raise rabbits!! There are those that THINK they are quality breeders because of the high sweepstakes points, when in fact their rabbits don’t meet the level of quality that I would want to purchase. My friends children, who show in youth, show maybe 5-10 rabbits at very few shows and the boys are high in points because their rabbits are QUALITY and get BOB, BOSB and even BIS. They even have Top Lops. So therein lies the problem…..

  2. Kim

    Hi Tim!

    I think yesterday was just a bad day overall for a lot of people or something! I wasn’t in a very good mood either, and I work at a Pet store/Feed store/garden centre and we had a lot of grumpy people coming into work that did NOT help my mood! I was never so glad to get out of there at 5:30!!!
    Crossing fingers today is a much better today! Must have been something in the air 😉

    Kim :- )

  3. I avoid pet shows as a rule because a) most are indoors, loud and croded and filled with animals who HATE the experience, and b) I don’t like the politics.

    Having said that, I will be going to the Dogathon in August because it’s outdoors and I’m told it’s very different. And I go to Friend Furry Farm dos because they are outdoor occasions and all the pets I’ve met there are very social and enjoy these outings.

    • Dogathon is AWESOME! Makes me wonder why Uni students are much better in organizing events compared to grown up people. LOL! Dogathon is the bomb! highly recommended! Loads of Fun….

  4. Quality points are the best source of judging a breeders herd if you are looking for just pure numbers. Look at their rabbits if you want to know for sure.

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