Why are Holland Lops so precious?

Ever wonder why Holland Lops are so precious? Many Holland Lop friends have been telling me that I have chosen the hardest breed to work with – they weren’t joking. I am in fact facing the most difficult phase of raising these wonderful creatures. Let me share the real scenario with you. When you go to any Holland Lop website, trust me, what you see on the website are the best of what the breeder have. It is very hard to breed Holland Lops (bad news for you money makers). If your “Holland Lops” are breeding like rabbits, don’t get too excited, most often than not, they are FAKE! Sorry to burst your bubble – LOL!

Holland Lops are very hard to breed and even harder to get show quality kits. The possibilities of does kindling viable kits are as low as 50%! Let’s just say that out of a 100 does bred, only 50 does will give you viable kits. And out of the 50 litters, you will be lucky to have 1 kit that may be competitive on the show table. That’s 1% success rate for you my dear friend.

Now I truly understand why breeders chuckled at me when I ask for a show quality rabbit. Most often than not, breeders will never get too excited thinking they have struck gold in the nest boxes.

Just want to work on some statistics to see what are my chances.

100 does = 50% viable kits

5 does = 2.5 % viable kits

Which means, I may have to try breeding my 5 does 40 times before I can even get to the possibility of getting litters of viable kits. I am not even talking about getting a Show Quality kit.

So what do you think? Is Holland Lops for you?

Firstly, don’t be easily fooled into thinking you got a Show Quality and definitely don’t be fooled into thinking Holland Lops breed like rabbits. What we have at hand is a breed that defies all normalities! The Hallmark breed is called such for a reason. They are far from your ordinary bunnies.

Now, please blow the probability this way as I have 34 times to go!


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