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Binky Free My Little Seychel

Thank you all for your prayers. I believe it has been answered one way or another. As I was preparing the pineapple juice, Seychel was already at her last lap of battle. She was very weak and I noticed something that gave me a reason believe that it was not G.I. Stasis.

It was very clear today that Seychel was having difficulty breathing. She was breathing through her mouth as I noticed her tilting her head upwards. I thought that my pineapple juice would be given in vain and I believe by using the syringe it would clog up her breathing passage further. By then she was struggling to sit upright.

I held her in my arms for a couple of minutes and she started to go into convulsion, let out a squek and breath her last.

As many articles have written, fur block or G.I. Stasis is caused by an underlying problem. There was a reason why Seychel wasn’t eating and drinking. There are too many possibilities ranging from respiratory problems to even heart attack. Whatever it is I would like to put a rest to all the speculation and allow her to rest in peace. The only consolation I have is that, at least she was in my arms when she breath her last and no one else had to go through this pain except for me.

Good bye my dear Seychel, I prayed that you will get well and indeed you got much more than I prayed for. Send my regards to Unix, Micro, Latara and all the little TLR bunnies at rainbow bridge. Love you lots!

Beth will miss you but at least she have this photo to remember

Beth will miss you but at least she have this photo to remember

Void & Emptiness is what I feel at this very moment

Void & Emptiness is what I feel at this very moment

I miss you loads!

I miss you loads!

TLR is broken…



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Through The Rain

So what happens after the thunderstorm? There is a moment of silence. The silence normally breaks with the sound of birds chirping. That is exactly what accepting the facts of life is all about for me.

Today will be the second day that I wonder what awaits me at home. We all do hope Seychel will come around and be well again. I have exhausted all resources and my mental strength in keeping her alive. I will continue to do the same this evening.

I have to remind myself to take pride in saving her (if I am able) but if she decides to give up, there is nothing much I could do. I’ll always remember to stay cheerful in the presence of a sick bunny. They could pick the bad vibes up from us.

Let’s see what happens…

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Seychel’s weak again

Short lived happiness. Another fact that you’ll learn about rabbits. I think I should just stop posting because some people may be offended with the little humor and sarcasm in my postings. But what the heck, this is the real thing. This is what rabbit owners go through and like everything in this world, they are not all that beautiful.

Of course I’ll love to paint a superficial and super nice picture of my life and my rabbits but let’s all be realistic here. Life is not always that beautiful and that is a fact. When you’re down, you’re way down and you just cannot say you’re fine. I mean you could say that you’re fine but that’s just lying to oneself.

Also, what is not said doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The fact of life remains that no one will ever admit anything that they have intention to hide.

What can I say about Seychel. I believe she’s all clogged up again. I’ll have to try treating her more aggressively this evening if she could pull through another day. I was happy that she was starting to chew on hay and was drinking on her own. But my gut feeling tells me that she’s not doing too well this morning.

When situations like these arises, self-consolation usually kicks in. There are many things that I am telling myself which will not sound too good to certain people. So I am refraining myself from writing it out loud.


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