Seychel is not well

Sometimes I really wonder why in the world am I raising such a difficult breed. It is like keeping a python or a tiger knowing very well one day it will swallow you up whole. Holland Lops, they do swallow you up whole in terms of emotionally and psychologically.

Just when I wrote about how I have reminded myself not to take any of them for granted. Seychel stopped eating and drinking. It is as if it is a jinx to treat Holland Lops well. Throw them aside and they’ll thrive, baby them and they’ll die. LITERALLY!

Yes, I was “baby-ing” Seychel before she started acting up! How frustrating!

My initial diagnosis is that she’s beginning to have a G.I. Stasis problem. But her vital signs are indicating many other possibilities.

Please pray for her and I do hope that she’ll recover soon.

It is a challenging breed to begin with, that’s if they just stop dying. No wonder people that get into this breed quit as soon as they begin. Am I beginning to give up?

Not quite but more of “Que Sera Sera” (Whatever Will Be Will Be)!



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3 responses to “Seychel is not well

  1. Oh dear…very worrying fact 😦
    We really really hope and pray that Seychel will recover soon…and started eating and drinking as usual! She will be healthy soon!
    Our love and well wishes to her…
    Busgy and ex-housemate Truffles praying for her from far!

  2. Mei Leng

    i just experience rabbit not eating two months ago, my coco and june, so worry, i know how u feel, hope yr baby girl is ok………

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