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Poor Dasher

I got a little bored today and SB suggested that I go let one of the bunnies loose. I did just that and …

I come, I see...

Beth shouted, "Dad dad, take him away!"

Santa said, "Ho Oh No No, poor Dasher!"

Beth said, “Dad dad, my reindeer is wet…”


"Santa, I feel violated!"



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Better feast for the eyes

Did I also mention that 2010 will see better quality pictures for TLR? I have been stretching the capabilities of my Canon PowerShot A710 for far too long and you must have noticed I no longer take photos in the evening as they turn out extremely bad.

A blogger’s best friend is a good camera. My wife and I decided to get ourselves a Canon EOS 1000D code name (Rebel XS). I love the word Rebel because that’s what I am (as what my mom calls me) – LOL!

Here’s my first attempt using my new toy:

goo goo gaa gaa


ho ho ho

I'll bite!

As cute as Orlando Bloom!

If there isn’t much difference with my previous pictures, then it is user’s problem ok? LOL!!!


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