Bone, Bone, Bone

One of my all time favorite hip hop group happens to be Bone Thugs & Harmony. Any other vocal groups that have tight harmonies will never fail to capture my attention. In the Holland Lop world, there is a term/word that you will always hear breeders using – BONE.

The term BONE is used to refer to Hollands with very massive/thick overall look. The best indicator for a rabbit with “BONE” is the 2 front legs. Some of us refer to them as the STUMPS just like how the trunk of an old tree looks like – simply thick and massive.

I am pretty surprised as to how Wilma has changed through time. She is going through her first major molt right now but what I really like about this doe is her BONE. The only thing I would like to improve on her is the length of her ears. Since it is a total outcross, I need to wait a while longer to see if she will grow into those ears. We did see similar situation with Sibylla but now Sibylla has got nice short ears. The slipped crown on Wilma may also be a contributor to her having “longer” ears. I am not too worried if the head do not pop that much because you seldom get does having a buck’s head. That would be a bonus for now.

I did a little sketch of the perfect Holland on my mind somewhere in August 2009. I believe very much that I am almost there with Wilma.

My vision

Any resemblence to my sketch?

I love looking at the stumps!

I can’t wait for her to fully develop and have her big girl fur growing. She will be a stunning Holland. I am indeed very grateful to have good lines to work with and everything clicks well together. That saves a lot of unnecessary breeding to fix faults. I hope the consistency continues.

Here’s a candid shot of Wilma that I like:


And I’ll see you at the CROSSROADS?



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2 responses to “Bone, Bone, Bone

  1. furfurries

    waaaaa u drew Wilma in 2009?!?! amazing! 😀

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