Off to an Amazing Start of 2011

Pinky new year!

When I first started off breeding the imports, I got a little worried that my herd was slowly being overrun by broken colored Holland Lops. Then as of late, I have been getting many solids and that too got me a little worried. I always find balance in the things that I do and I would love to have a good balanced number of both the Broken and Solid varieties in the herd.

I believe these 2 broken black kits just helped me balance things up. Hope to see more balancers coming and of course overall well balanced Holland Lops to boot!

On another sad note, I was sadden to see rabbits being sold at inflated prices at shopping malls. Very inferior quality stuff. I feel sorry for the buyers especially all the impulse buyers. Nothing much I can do to help them if they choose to be ignorant. It’s very very sad indeed…

Now, back to a happier note, I just received photos of Tru-Luv Betty, Tru-Luv Wilma’s littermate. She has grown to be a very pretty doe filled with BONE!

Check these photos out. I am so glad that her owner has taken good care of her and it shows!


OMG! Just look at those stumpy front legs!!!!

I really need to get there to put my hands on her and pose her for a few photos.

And what really makes my heart smile is that, I have been blessed with the best buyers/adopters/customers/friends in this bunny hobby! They always keep me updated on the rabbits obtained from me. That is the best feeling anyone can get out of this hobby. A feeling that you will never ever have the privilege to experience if you do not know where your rabbit(s) are…



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2 responses to “Off to an Amazing Start of 2011

  1. wah! she looks so round! i want to squeeze her!

  2. New broken black babies! the other one is solid black?

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