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When did they say the world would end?

“Tim, don’t be a fool”, “Son, don’t be dumb and be taken advantage of”, “You need to smarten up”.

Fool, Stupid, Fool, Stupid is all that I was getting the entire day. It seemed that the devil is just whispering into my ears constantly how stupid I am. Well, that is to be expected since I am in the midst of 40 days of Lent. Trials, trials and more trials. But we do have a glimpse of hope, it will be victorious in the end.

While I was walking around in the mall this evening, I came to realization that we are indeed called to be of service to others. I spent an entire day on Thursday running errands for the club and half of today was spent on getting some materials to construct the Show Tables needed for the rabbit show in June. While doing that I risked my life and safety transporting huge materials with the car.

“Why Am I Doing This?” seemed to be the only question pounding on my mind. Is it all worth it? Am I being the only idiot doing so much while others just seem oblivious as to what is happening?

I sometime wish there is another me out there that I could pour out my soul and understands exactly what I am going through and how I am feeling. I guess there will never be one who would feel and think the same as me. Come to think about it, there is one other bunny person I know who may think 80% like me and the only thing he can tell me is, “Tim, change your spectacles”. How interesting…

I just can’t run away as I am surrounded by people who put $$$ above all else. Every single decision and move is strategically crafted to earn more $$$. If I place myself in the midst of their strategy, I will be “spinning” in a whirlpool of confusion and a huge FOOL would be written across my forehead. A big fool by the world’s standard.

We cannot deny the fact that we should try to have a self sustainable hobby. In actual fact, many breeders would agree with me that we hardly break even in this hobby. So if we are not profiting, then are we all fools? I am actually pretty glad to be one of the non-profitable fools in this profitable world.

When the world ends, what can I tell myself?

I do not know exactly what I will tell myself in the last moments of my life struggling to stay alive but I hope at the back of my mind, I can say the following:-

1. I have brought about a positive change in the rabbit world

2. I have poured out my soul and used every ounce of my energy to share with the community

3. I have been a fool in the eyes of this world who is so darn afraid of losing to a fellow earthling

4. I have been a fool by the world’s standard by elevating another fellow earthling in his/her venture

5. I have been a fool losing to a fellow earthling and allowing him/her to overtake me

6. I have been a fool for writing this blog post telling the world about how I truly feel (no regrets at all)

7. I have at one point obtained good results for my rabbits

8. I have at one point in my life obtained really good results for my own rabbits

Wait a minute! Isn’t point 7 and 8 the same? Yes and No. My rabbits can be home grown or obtained from fellow breeders. If you know any show breeders that has lasted in the hobby for more than 10 years, you will realize something very important that sustains their passion in the hobby.

Long term breeders take pride in developing their own lines of rabbits. At least a herd of rabbits with a pedigree filled 100% of their rabbitry prefix. Yes, that is what sustains the passion. Taking pride in developing own lines (that win constantly)  and not a seasonal breeder that only goes into a particular breed and hobby just because it is in trend at the moment.

The Year Of The Rabbit comes every 12 years, seasonal breeders will be active for a rabbit year and “hibernate” another 11 year before they “breed like rabbits” again just before rabbit year comes along.

Objectives are very important in this hobby. I truly hope that everyone will find the motivation to sustain in this hobby. The right motivation and objectives, that is.

I hope the MROC 1st & 2nd ARBA Sanctioned Double Open All Breed Rabbit Show 2011 will serve as a sustaining platform for all of us in keeping our passion for this hobby alive. Let there be more leaders coming forward to lead in organizing ARBA Sanctioned shows so that we will constantly have rabbit shows in Malaysia. It will be a shame if we only have an ARBA Sanctioned show every 12 years.

Let us all be fools for just a while…

Come to think about it, aren’t we all already FOOLS sacrificing so much for mere RABBITS?

That is something only true bunny people would understand, a common bunny language we call it!

“….just a fool, do you believe you can change the world?” – Carrie Underwood “Change”


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