Happy New Year Everybun!

The thought of a new year dawning brings a question to mind – Do rabbits know the passing of time?

I believe this question is somehow related to a discussion I had with a fellow bunny owner. We were discussing if rabbits have emotion. Most of us wonder if they miss their owners, get bored, feel lonely or have the capacity to love.

They do have the capacity to love in my opinion through my observation of how does nurture and care for their young. Their natural instinct of leaving the nest and only return to feed their young for short period of time before leaving them again tells us that they are concern for the safety of their young ones.

How does all these emotions relate to time? I always wonder if time can be calculated for rabbits. Do they go by seconds, minutes and hours? How long is a minute for a rabbit? I once heard that 1 human year is equivalent to 7 years for a dog. How does that apply to rabbits?

I was just imagining a rabbit sitting in its cage for an entire day. Would it feel like a lifetime for them?

Not sure if I will be able to answer the question but sometimes we should draw a line how much we should “humanize” our pets. As much as how we like them to be us, it will not happen and we should always remember that like us humans, each animal have a purpose in their lifetime. And no matter what the purpose is, it completes what we call the CIRCLE OF LIFE.

And as our human time passes and falls over to the next second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year, we look forward to betterment and improvements. We want a better tomorrow and a better new year.

Here wishing everyone and everybun a wonderful New Year 2012.

May it be a good year for all humans and rabbits alike! May we fulfill our purpose to the fullest!

Happy New Year!



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