Premium Hamster Food


For those of you who keep hamsters or gerbils as pets, you might be interested in this new premium quality food. Priced at only RM 12.80 for 400g, it definitely pack a punch.



In case you are wondering, that’s Amber – my daughter’s pet hamster and she was the sweetest little Sapphire hammie. She was made beautiful by this wonderful product.

You can now purchase here.

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God Bless Your Souls

I would like to convey my deepest condolences to all affected by the MH17 tragedy. We mourn and words cannot express how devastated this has caused all of us.

It all boils down to the judgment and decision of one person. I hope by now the person who pressed the button to launch that missile will at least have a sense of remorse in his/her heart that we have lost over 200 talents from around the world. They are sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, grandparents and most of all, individuals with lives and souls. Why can’t we all take responsibility and say NO when it is wrong. It all boils down to us as individuals to choose RIGHT and do the RIGHT thing!

When the people of the world no longer appreciates the beauty life has to offer, heaven is filled with more goodness and beautiful people.


I pray that God will bless the souls of all who have perished in this tragedy and may comfort bestowed unto their fakily and friends.

To Malaysia Airlines and its staff, you are the symbol of Malaysian Hospitality and Malaysians will always be proud of you. You have my unwavering support. Stay strong!

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Breeding for sound temperament should always be one of the objectives any breeder should strive for. Temperament is not only imprinted genetically but can also be achieved through proper handling and interaction with your pet rabbits.

So here’s joining the bandwagon for this week’s hottest/trending incident. I dedicate this one to Uncle Sim – kudos for keeping your cool!



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The Dwarf Problem

If you have done enough research about dwarf rabbits, you will understand that it is all about the combination of a normal gene and a dwarf gene. If you are a breeder of dwarf rabbits, you might have produced “peanuts” throughout the years. I stumbled across a video about Stress Management tonight and for those of you who might be interested, you can watch it here:

I thought it was a very interesting talk and what made it more interesting is when she spoke about the stress hormone called Oxytocin. There was this invisible light bulb that suddenly brightened up on top of my head and went DING!

It made perfect sense when you put the pieces together. Just let me explain the pieces and you should be able to put the puzzle together after my explanation. Throughout the years I understood that breeding a true dwarf (half normal and half dwarf) to a true dwarf (half normal and half dwarf) will often produce a FULL dwarf (half dwarf and half dwarf). Some call the the deadly double dwarf genes a.k.a. peanut. Peanuts usually suckle but their growth are extremely stunted and to a point they just fade/waste away.

The reason that peanuts are extremely stunted is because of damaged or abnormal pituitary gland. You may want to read up on pituitary dwarfism and its effect on the affected organism.

The speaker Kelly mentioned that Oxytocin is produced by the pituitary gland. Over the years I have also seen does with retained kits and other breeding problems. Today, I have reasons to believe that the dwarf gene could be the cause of these problems. Perhaps the pituitary gland is not efficient enough to produce enough Oxytocin for the doe to go into labor thus causing retained kits?

I hope by now you should be able to understand the relation between the desire for dwarfism and the effect of the gene that may cause damage to the most crucial organ that produces a very important stress hormone. And the difficult challenge for dwarf rabbit breeders is to ensure rabbits used for breeding have healthy pituitary gland and I believe some are already successful since they have no problem breeding a true dwarf to a true dwarf while keeping a healthy birth rate. Another way to increase the chances would be to breed a true dwarf buck to a normal doe which has been the desired breeding practice.

I found it amazing that the video has nothing to do with rabbits but still I am able to come to the conclusion in terms of rabbit breeding. That shows how much of my brain is made up of rabbits…

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Make Your Own Bunny Mansion

Something came to mind this afternoon but I cannot seemed to recall what it was. I guess memory is failing me at the moment. I thought it was quite interesting to share.

Had an exhausting day building a few bunny mansions for the spoilt “BunBrats” and thought it will be good to share with those who are interested in building one. The problem with most pet cages in the market is that they are not built specifically for rabbits. Perhaps I should say that the problem lies in the rabbits – they like to relief themselves at a certain corner of the cage. The cages in the market do not offer protection against spills when bunnies lift their rear end towards the edge of the cages and “shooting” pee outwards. In order to solve this problem, most people use pee guards to be fixed around the internal edges of the cages but that further reduce the space in the cages. Instead, I prefer to build a “giant” pee guard that surrounds the cage itself. I have tried this method before and found that it is effective. Not sure why but today I was inspired to revamp the “bunny space” and wanted to give the bunnies larger roaming space. I found a large play pen with a bottom tray and realize that it will fit the vision I have on mind.

Here is a list of materials that you will need to build a bunny mansion:

1) General Clear Sealant


2) Chloroplast boards

3) Duct Tape

4) Large Cage

5) Soft Litter Bedding

6) Toys & Wooden House


7) Tools – Scissors/Measuring Tape/Long Ruler

8) Cable ties

Firstly, I had to combine two large chloroplast boards to be able to accommodate the cage dimension. In order to combine two or more boards together, I have to ensure that there will not be any leakage and this is why we need general sealant to be applied in between the two boards. I started off combining the two boards by sticking them together with the duct tape on one side, turn the boards around, applied the sealant and continue covering the gap with the duct tape. I left the sealant to dry while I clean cages.

After the sealant is dry, I placed the cage tray to measure the excessed board that I can fold to make a larger “tray”.


Once I have done that, I cut and fold the excessive board and bind together with cable ties.

I place the cage on top of the chloroplast tray, added bedding, place the feeding bowls and water bottles in before releasing the bunnies into their new mansion.


I believe I made a few bunnies really happy today.

20140705_173619Actually, now I remember what I wanted to share. It is pertaining to the word “motion”. Not passing motion as in “pooping” but when things seemed impossible, the most important is to take action. By taking action it will get things started. The reason why I had this thought was because, often times, we tend to put things on hold and procrastinate. And it feels harder to start the engine again when we finally find the time. No matter how small the effort, we should just take small steps.

I started off this morning with a little idea and I ended up spending 5 hours working for the bunnies. The first step was getting the cage and the rest as they say, is history – LOL!


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Binky Free Thunder Boy

Just got news that Thunder has left for the Rainbow Bridge. R.I.P. little boy. My condolences to his loving family. They did a wonderful job providing him with only the best. The good ones die young they say…

Thunder turned 7 years old 8 days ago. You are sorely missed…


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No More Pet Expo For Me

Since the longest time, there is a yearly and much ado hype around this Pet Expo that takes place in one of Malaysia’s largest shopping malls. It boast to be “the” place for all pet lovers and it is the largest gathering of anything related to pets – product suppliers and breeders from all over Malaysia. My last visit was 3 years ago and it was about time I revisit this “big” event now that my children have taken a keen interest in animals.

The only good thing that I can take away from this event is the vast variety of good animal products from a wide range of raw, holistic to organic offerings. Conventional kibbles are still selling like hot cakes. Whatever product a supplier is carrying, there is a subtle message that says, “mine is the best”. I can only sympathize misinformed pet owners that may be sucked into the whirlwind of “which is the best” tornado.

Yes, the wide range of good animal products is the only observation I appreciated during the entire visit. The huge amount of dislike will be discussed throughout the rest of this blog entry.

Three years on, looks like nothing have change as far is animal welfare is concerned. I had the “privilege” to see under aged puppies, cats, hamsters, sugar gliders, rabbits, guinea pigs, raccoons, prairie dogs and everything in between. There is this little booth that was bursting with large number of small animals caged up and another with puppies caged up – all up for sale. Whatever that can have a value on its head, is up for sale.

The most heart wrenching and appalling thing for me was that a few steps away from all these booths, you will find the likes of SPCA, PAWS and MDDB booths. Welfare organization looks like a very lucrative business to me in because all I see is a few sad looking puppies/dogs and a huge donation box filled with cold hard CASH!

How do I look at it?

If you have ever played the game called “CATCHING” or “POLICE AND THIEVES” back in school days, that’s exactly how I see the entire situation. HYPOCRISY at its best. My mind literally formed an image of the pet sellers going, “Nay, Nay, Nay, Nay, Nay – You cannot catch me” in the face of all these welfare societies and associations. It is utterly shameful.

The amount of effort to form and run such welfare societies should really be used to form task forces that targets and solve the “root” cause rather than being at the end of the “life cycle” of the problem. Animal welfare societies that concentrate too much of their effort in rescue is really breeding and encouraging pet sellers to sell more. Why should they worry because you will always be there to clean up the mess and after sales. What we need is a society that goes around shutting down bad/deplorable breeding facilities, put animal abusers behind bars and much more!

I guess all these are but for the idealistic minds because looking at how the nation is plagued with human welfare issues, we should not expect anything less or more when it comes to animals. But do not be surprised how the priority has changed for pet owners. We have humans living in deplorable condition but a lucky pooch eats holistic organic dog food which I myself cannot afford.

We rather splurge on a creature that loves us unconditionally but failed to love a fellow human unconditionally. That is just how ludicrous the situation is.

So now that I have written on my views, what action am I taking or what I am going to do about it? As for this nay sayer, I will never ever buy a ticket for such an expo and definitely will not ever buy a pet from such an expo/establishment that sells under age animals. It is of course easy for me to type my grievances behind the keyboard but, I (and all of us for the matter) is far more powerful than we think. We are the consumers that have the full power to make a change. After what I have seen today, I am reclaiming back that power. The power to stop buying.

When the buying really stops, then the killings can (truly be stopped) too….

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Nurture Nature

Here I was in the waiting room at the car service centre and cannot help but to notice a lady with what appeares to me as a Sugar Glider bonding pouch. Firstly, I arrived at that conclusion based on experience and I guess it is only natural for one to notice certain things that he/she is intuned to. Growing up having all sorts of pets have indeed implanted or at least made me very aware the presence of cute furry animals.

My thoughts immediately turned into wonderment as to why we are fascinated with clingy pets. To tame sugar gliders, one need to bond with them and the one most important way is through scent. I have reasons to believe that people with strong body odour will have a lot of ease bonding with their pet sugar glider. Those who smell good have nothing to worry about as somehow your sugar glider will recognize you by scent anyhow. So yeah, you need a bonding pouch to keep this little marsupial comfortable and close to you at all times.

So why are we so drawn to keeping clingy animals as pets. I believe humans have the nature to nurture. We want to take care of another living creature and the more it acts like a little baby human, the more we are drawn to it. I am sure if given the choice, most of us will have no qualms raising baby chimpanzees and gorillas. Again, the human like behaviour is what draws us to another species.

No one notices that the lady have sugar gliders in that pouch because they were so comfortable being hung around her bosoms and it is also sleeping time. I guess the sense of achievement by successfully raising another living creature also plays a part to keep us interested in raising pets.

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Just A Stroll In The Park

Just fell in love with these and had to bring them home to add on to my ever growing collection of bunnies!

Like, no?


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Eugenics versus Biodiversity

Though I never thought I had to write any disclaimer as the opening of my post but I had to because of how “sensitive” whatever I write on my own space had become. In fact, expressing my thoughts on my own blog is something I really enjoy and I hope my readers do too. So before you read on, please know that this post entry is written for all the like minded people who take life and the rabbit hobby a little less seriously. It is not for weak hearts or one with extra sensitive emotional sensory.

If you have done any science experiment, you should know that there are a few sections on an experiment journal namely – objective/introduction, materials & methods, hypothesis (what you think will happen), result and a conclusion. Raising and breeding rabbits for the last seven year is nothing short of a long term experiment. There has been so many lessons and I continue to learn.

If I would to write a science journal in its simplest form, it will look a little similar to the following:

1. Objective/Introduction

To produce a rabbit according to the “Standard of Perfection”.

2. Materials & Methods


a) Constant supply of Rabbit Feed

b) Vegetables & Fruits

c) Hay

d) Water

e) Two (2) rabbits – a buck & a doe


Feed, Water, Breed and Repeat

3. Hypothesis

A herd of rabbits that look exactly the same and in essence resembles the physical traits as describe in writing, the Standard of Perfection.

4. Results

a) None of the rabbit look like the other

b) When two rabbits look almost similar, they behave differently

c) Some are born dead, some peanuts, some runts and some normal

d) Some live longer while some shorter lives

e) Some “perfect” while some have impairments

f) Various colours

and the list goes on…

5. Conclusion

The Standard of Perfection is nothing but perfect.

And what follows in this blog entry can be taken as my explanation of the Conclusion.

To truly understand this blog post, one should read on the topic of Eugenics and Biodiversity. In short Eugenics is a belief and practice that supposedly will improve the genetic composition of a particular species. It has been practised on humans and more largely on other species. I believe Eugenics gave birth to words like “Selective Breeding” and “Cloning”. Dolly the sheep was the outcome of cloning which I believe was the fruit of the experiment to produce an exact carbon copy of a sheep. The hope for cloning is to produce a living being that is “perfect” and can be free from all diseases. The entire practice of Eugenics is to produce something so strong and perfect that will make the world “perfect”. But take a look at what the world is still what it is today. We still have AIDS, cancer and all the viruses mutating into different strains – H1N1 is one of them.

Esther Inglis-Arkell has written something that made perfect sense in her article Why Eugenics Will Always Fail.

The fact is more than obvious. This world is made for diversity and no two living beings are the same. I have grown up being in the midst of identical twins throughout my life and to be honest, even though they are identical twins, I can easily recognize each one. They are just different!

It is a “no brainer” that a living being is made up of so many different categories of traits – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual and environmental. Some of these are relevant to animals while others are not but it still boils down to diversity.

And while nature is teeming and bursting with diversity, the question is whether or not we are closing the doors and limiting nature by slapping it with the “Standard of Perfection”?

Are we kidding ourselves with an idea or ideal?

Or are we shaping our minds to accept the unrealistic expectations?

Or we are simply following blindly without reasoning our actions?

Or it all boils down to wanting to belong, to fulfil our longing for affirmation and seeking to fit in the crowd?

Keep asking questions and seeking answers because that is how we learn and grow in life…

In all seriousness though, I hope someone can help teach me to recognize the “rat” gene in certain people so that I will be able to identify those with the more desirable and lovable “hamster” gene. :P


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