Karate Chopped Hay Anyone?

Most of the time, at the end of each pack of Timothy Hay, I will usually find a little or more loose hay and sometimes they are almost in powder form. The boys and girls at TLR absolutely hate these loose hay and they couldn’t be bothered with me saving up for them. Most of the time, these chopped hay ends up in the dustbin.

Hay Ya! Chopped Hay

The reason why we feed hay in their normal “long” form is to help motility or should I say gut movement. You see, when a strand of hay goes through the rabbit’s mouth, it is not “chopped” but the chewing causes it to soften and thus most of the time, they are ingested with a bit of length. Just imagine having a long leaf going through the intestines in the peristalsis process. The leaf will “flow” through like a little worm and that motion keeps the rabbit’s stomach moving and moving. That is exactly what we want.

So what is the use of these “chopped hay”? Totally useless and marketing tells us that they are less messy. Sure, the rabbits don’t even touch them and you just dump the entire crock filled crap into the dustbin. NO MESS for sure…

I rather have hay messing up my cages knowing well that my rabbits have taken their daily doses of hay and not spend a single cent in junk called “Chopped Hay”…


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