The Breaking Point

First of all, I just wanted to say that Tru-Luv Rabbitry blog turns 3 years old last June 18, 2010. Life has been hectic and I actually forgotten all about it. Wow, can’t believe it has already been three (3) years of writing! Or is it?

I can’t remember when was the last time that I have really written a good piece here but I would like to thank all my faithful readers for always dropping by. Please accept my humble apologies for being so quiet for such a long time. Today, I promised myself that I will write a pretty long one. It may be a pretty random post and hopefully you won’t get lost reading it. Such a beautiful weather it is this cool rainy Sunday! And blogging to the sounds of Susan Boyle can be pretty inspiring.

I have chosen an interesting topic (for me at least) – The Breaking Point. We just came back from a small gathering with our friends from Furrybutts and Furfurries. The furries were pretty late so we didn’t really have time to catch up. But nonetheless, they have pretty much given me some ideas for this post.

As you all may have read in my previous postings that I have pets throughout my life so far and there isn’t a time when I didn’t have a pet. I am very proud to say that most of my pets live through their natural life span but I must also admit that there were instances where I had given up on some along the way. Very difficult decision but all that I have given up have good if not better homes.

I noticed that there are many similarities among pet lovers. One of the similarities that I found is that, at one point or another a person decides to take up the responsibility of looking after a living being. And he or she tends to treat this pet like his or her own child. Both pet and owner soon build a very strong bond between them. I must say that pets with shorter life span has better lives because they live short enough to avoid the Breaking Point. Some live through the Breaking Point but most become the victim of the Breaking Point.

Before I continue, rest assure, there isn’t any Breaking Point at the moment among us but I just thought of writing about it. Please allow me to digress, I am pretty glad that I have put Tru-Luv Rabbitry in the scrutiny of the public through my blog. It actually helps me to keep on going in this hobby.

So when do you know you’re in the midst of the Breaking Point?

It always start off with DOUBT. Questions like “Am I adequate enough to look after Fluffy right now?” and “Is Fluffy getting enough attention from me right now?” are examples and tell tale signs of the Breaking Point.

In my previous experiences, most of the Breaking Point I went through was because of the constant nagging from someone who doesn’t like pets at home. Boy am I glad that I am an adult now with my own space and time for the things I love to have. Yes, not everyone in this world can tolerate your little pet. I count my blessings because my beautiful wife loves animals too! And yes, please add “love pets” as one of the criteria before you start dating your girl/boy friend if you are a pet lover. Having a pet is like having a religion sometimes. Also watch out for those man/woman that agrees on everything before marriage and thereafter, forgets every single promise – LOL!

Breaking Points can also be caused by a new job, a new born and everything new that pushes poor little Fluffy off the edge of your heart. The pet industry is a thriving industry due to this reason. The turnover is very high and it is a vicious cycle for the little living creatures.

So the next time when you look down at little Fluffy, and starts to convince yourself that there is a better home out there for him, think again. Turn around and remind yourself what Fluffy has so generously given you up to that point – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Three long years.  So what have I learn from Holland Lops in the past 3 years? Nothing. I am really serious, NOTHING AT ALL. Holland Lops tend to have a mind of their own. They give a whole new experience to those who think that they have seen it all. To some, there are nothing but surprises and for others, they are the BREAKING POINT.

Anyway, it was really nice to see Buttons, Yohji, Tridus, Tinga, Whiskey, Yuffie, Echo and a glimpse of Bailey today.

Buttons and Whiskey

Tridus and Tinga

Cutie Yohji!

Did I mention anything about regret before? Good thing is, I have had only a few regrets passing my rabbits on so far because 90% are extremely good homes. In short, I almost never have any worry that my rabbits end up in bad homes. My regrets are usually from seeing the rabbits fully develop into awesome specimens than they already are when they leave me. Don’t get me wrong, but I do make the decision to pass them on as awesome as they are because I do not believe in passing on bad stuff. If you do not know what I mean, here you go…

Tru-Luv Balian

He lives with a little mouse, a dog and many more critters (I think)

He needs to come back and make some babies for me...

Valiant Balian - Miller's Clark's son!

Regret, Regret, Regret. LOL!

This is what I call good Pet keeping!

FYI, I took all these photos without the consent of the owner. I don’t really care because I need to steal Balian back! LOL! He is awesome posum right now!

Balian’s owners has agreed for him to come back to Meadow Haven to help me make some awesome babies! YeahooOOoooooo



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6 responses to “The Breaking Point

  1. yueyi

    wow balian is looking good…and he looks so cute living with other animals..

  2. furfurries

    Not breaking point for me yet!!! I’ll want my furries back 😀

    So sorry for being waaaaaay too late yest. Not realizing that i’ve slowed down to tortoise speed when packing them up now :S

    Hopefully can gather again sometime soon. 🙂

    Balian manyak hensem!! MWaaahhh :*

    Mwahh mwahh mwahh FURRYBUTTS too… 😀

  3. balian so machoooo 😀

    the word is jealous la Tim..not regret…hihihi

  4. furrybutts

    Nice shots, Tim!! Haven’t had time to photograph the “newcomers” yet..

    Balian is awesome!!

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