Bon Voyage Toble!

I bid farewell to Toble with a happy heart knowing that he is going to a home that will love him. I am extremely sure about this because his owners, a nice family of 4 came all the way up from the state of Malacca just to bring him home. It does not get any better than that, does it? I always enjoy seeing the smiles on faces of new rabbit owners – just priceless!

I had a lengthy explanation session with his new owner and I hope that I did not “upload” too much information or else there will be an “overload”.

Baby Toble. What a little cutie

Turned out, Toble is meant to be a birthday gift for a young lady who was also born in the year of the RABBIT! Isn’t that amazing? It was her dad who contacted me and I believe it was a special inquiry from the start. Being a father myself, I can truly understand how much he wanted to make his daughter happy and I am glad to be of help. Come to think about it, in this hectic world, I seldom see such act of love anymore. True Love they say?

8 weeks old Toble. Still cute isn't he?

Happy Birthday to Ms. YYL! May you have a wonderful birthday!



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2 responses to “Bon Voyage Toble!

  1. tracey sun

    So cute! Is he one of Wilma’s kits?

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