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Another Milestone

I finally got news that Malaysian Rabbit Owners’ Association (2011) has been approved by the Registrar of Societies. To be honest, I have mixed feelings when I first got the news. I was glad that we now have an official association where all rabbit lovers can belong but at the same time, I hope to get committed people to join me in this new venture. I have so many ideas and plans on mind for this association and I hope they can materialized when the association operates fully.

“How do you run an association with a busy schedule?” is the top question on my mind right now and I believe it is the same with others who are interested in contributing. It is very simple. We need teamwork and support each other in their roles. It is more fun doing it as a team I believe.

I expect a lot of learning for the 1st year and as we go through it, I hope to have a few members to grow with me in this journey. Through that and hopefully, we can nurture some awesome leaders to continue leading the association. That is my vision at least.

Raising rabbits is a fun thing for most of us. I do not want to take the fun element out of this association. We shall run it through having fun and enjoyment. I strongly believe that when passion is placed into it, MROA will blossom and grow.

All I hope for now is to receive MROA 2011 establishment certificate and have our 1st AGM successfully to put everything in place so that we can move forward. I welcome all my Malaysian bunny friends especially those who have followed my blog thus far, to come forward and together we shall make this association a success.

Malaysia rabbits need a huge support group and MROA will be the platform for us to share, care, learn and live!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single┬ástep”



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