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Meet Pixie Blu

Seemed to be a normal little kit

I was really excited to find a little broken blue tort kit in the nest box 4 weeks ago. The little kit grew up just like any other ordinary kit but at 2nd week, its growth somehow took a little halt. Apparently it stop suckling and seemed to be a little fader. We sometimes call these faders, pixie and generally, they do not live a long life. Nonetheless, I kept on trying.

Cute little 2 week old

While looking at little Pixie Blu, I cannot stop but to wonder about a theory I once read on how the 3 sizes of the Poodle dog breed was produced. Apparently in each litter of puppies in dogs, they bound to be 25% of the puppies exhibiting dwarfism traits. From the Standard Poodle, the 25% dwarfs are used for breeding and that produced the Miniature Poodle and the process is repeated until they obtained the Toy Poodle. And rumours has it that they have successfully produced the Teacup Poodle. Not sure how far that is true.

Teacup Holland Lop

Anyway, we all know the reason behind Pixie Blu. Sadly, it is the double dwarf gene acting up and sometimes they are called a runt. Perhaps a peanut that lived a little longer?

Look out down under!

I sure hope Pixie Blu live a long and normal life as I am doing all that I can to keep it alive and healthy. I do not mind having the smallest and cutest Holland Lop in town.

A comparison of 2 kits almost the same age (4 weeks old)

How not to love such an adorable and lovable little thing?



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Where do we go from here?

Cleaning time for the past few days has been a little awkward. The feeling of something missing – Thunder. I clean each bunny quarter in order and somehow Thunder is always the last and I do spend some time with the little fellow. And since he left, I did stop for a moment at his empty cage and wonder where did our little friend go. Thunder has been the “face” of Tru-Luv Rabbitry for the past 2 years and it is really hard not seeing him around.

There are many reasons and motivations behind this hobby. My motivation from the start is to share this wonderful hobby with a fellow enthusiast that is serious in developing the breed and most importantly to prove that ethical breeding is possible in the smallest of pets.

Thunder came to Tru-Luv Rabbitry in the 1st quarter of 2009 and with just one litter, he has improved the quality of my herd tremendously. Having Thunder really sets a high standard for the herd as each of his offspring tends to be compared against his overall disposition. His traits are mostly inherited by his descendants and you can recognize Thunder in Trudi, Trudle, Fred and Barney just to name a few.

Talking about quality, I can remember very clearly that approximately 5 years back, we were discussing and arguing about whether or not rabbits without pedigree purchased from the pet stores are pure breeds. We even argue whether or not they are of show quality. Fast forward today, we no longer argue about whether they are pedigree or not. We are able to distinguish almost immediately whether a rabbit is imported or bred locally. We discuss about breed standards. We no longer talk about Hay being the staple food of rabbits. The general public is so well informed now.

 I believe very strongly that many factors has contributed to this improvement and competition has been the key factor. Be it competition in sales or even competition in quality itself. The better informed the public is, the more demanding they are in choosing their rabbits. Lately I have been getting quite a number of inquiries for “Show Quality” rabbits. I seldom receive inquiries about pet rabbits. Many is learning the right lingo so to speak, which is a good thing.

Today I no longer feel lonely in this hobby as I have local bunny buddies to have rabbit chats with. I even get some reminders and opinions on my own rabbits. In short, we have grown tremendously in this hobby. I now not only admire my own rabbits but I am able to drop by a bunny friend’s place to admire theirs as well. I can now share a bunny or two with a fellow enthusiast to help improved his/her herd. And likewise, I am able to get a rabbit to improve my herd too!

I believe many enthusiasts have worked hard over the years that contributed to the improvement of the Show rabbit circuit here in Malaysia. Most have spent a fortune for this wonderful hobby. Some may not spend as much but has also made progress through their own limited resources. The bunny world seemed to be doing really well as far as my human eyes can perceive.

And as for Thunder, my momma always say, “Love Isn’t Love Until You Give It Away“…

Continue the bunny lovin’ peeps!

"We make them everyday?"


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Thunderous Farewell

Today we say goodbye to 2 long time residents here in Meadow Haven. We say farewell to Thunder and Holly Hope. They are going to their retirement homes. It was a difficult decision but was made easy knowing that both of them will be loved. They will not be too far away and I can visit.

Thunder is going to where Barney, his son is. I am sure he will enjoy the rest of his retirement there in a huge bunny mansion fit for the King & Queen Buns! He will also be bonded to 2 other beautiful bunnies and perhaps get to meet 2 goofy “little” French Lops! I feel a little tickled by the fact that I am responsible for increasing the size of the rabbit herd at this family’s home from 2 bunnies to now 6 bunnies – LOL!

Always the cutest and chunkiest buck for me. I like to call him the "Stumps"

Stumps for front feet!

Gonna miss those cheeks!

And as a token of appreciation for Thunder, I receive a little gift in the form of a pair of chopstick rests by Royal Selangor. I have always love the pewter by Royal Selangor and I absolutely love this gift! Thank you very much to the Sun family.


Holly Hope will be a familiar face at XOXO Pets Store. She shall be the ambassador of XOXO’s Rabbit Boarding service – LOL! 🙂

Time to enjoy retirement...

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It’s Tru-Luv!

I stumbled across Faith Evan’s True Love by accident and while listening to it, I can’t help but to feel how much it relates to me in this hobby. At the end of the day it is not about other people it’s about the rabbits, that’s the reason why I started this blog.

When I first started this blog, there were so much to write about and sometimes I still get the inspiration to write long articles but now, most of the time, I am in a hiatus. I guess when you have a strong following, you really have to mind what you write because it is no longer your own domain. You are bound to public opinion and sometimes the pressure can be drowning.

It is very easy for people to take things out of context and even more so when jealousy is at play. But people fail to understand that when there is truth, there are followers. And that is exactly what Tru-Luv Rabbitry blog is all about – sincere, truthful and in-depth personal thoughts/opinions. To be honest, I prefer writing just about anything and everything I like but life ain’t that simple any more I guess.

Peter Parker once said, “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. I would say that, “With Great Following, Comes Diminished Freedom To Write”. This is because you may not know that somewhere, somehow and some way, your article may just fall unto the eyes of those who have ill feelings against you. And if you are unlucky, some may be very influential and may cause you some trouble. So you just don’t have a choice but to clean up some crap and move along in life.

And when that happens, I just say with a smile, “Sure, you win”.

For every person that wants me to stop sharing, hundreds more truly appreciate my writings. That’s all I can say and it is for the hundreds that this blog matters! If you are reading this, you need not comment and tell me, I know and I appreciate you being my faithful reader. Thank you for your support so far and I am glad that I could be of great assistance and help to you.

Tru-Luv knows no bounds…

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What Happen to the Points?

Let’s start off with the question – WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE(S) OF A RABBIT SHOW?


The reason why rabbits entered in show must not be neutered, is because, sound specimens must be reproduced. The conformation show emphasizes and even amplifies this fact. A show indirectly promotes the breeding of the best animals and therefore, a rabbit that is disqualified (DQ) must be made known so that the breeder will not be lead to believe that it is alright to breed his/her rabbit. The saying, “be cruel to be kind” holds true here. In my opinion, a judge should be extremely honest though it may make them unpopular. If a judge is really for the betterment of the breed(s), being popular should be the last thing on his/her mind.

The main objective of a rabbit show or any sort of shows e.g. dog & cat is none other than CONFORMATION to the STANDARD OF PERFECTION. I am sure most of us have the Standard Of Perfection booklet by now and let’s take a look at the latest Standard Of Perfection for the Holland Lop breed. Each breed comes together with its schedule of points:

General Type….84 Body
Color & Markings….4

And now let’s look at a typical ARBA show result slip:

Another question, where are the points?

I am not saying that this is the practice by only certain judge but I believe this is a common practice in any ARBA show at the moment (please correct me if I am wrong). I am also not sure if the point system has ever been used. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to challenge the integrity or worthiness of judges here but I believe by just stating one’s opinion is not justifiable in selecting the best rabbit. If the win is not justifiable, it makes no difference of just organizing a rabbit beauty pageant where no merits are given to adherence to standards.

The point system would satisfy nay-sayers like me when it comes to justifying a winning rabbit. The only reason I can think of why the point system has since be obsolete is because of time constraints. But I also believe that there is a reason why we have RAMRODS (writers). Instead of standing around looking pretty and writing a few lines on each result slip, the job of the ramrod should also include calculating the points for each rabbit. But do we risk jeopardizing the quality of rabbits in exchange for convenience? How can a judge possibly have a number crunching brain capable of storing the scores for hundreds of rabbits that he/she touches and feel? Even if he/she have the super natural power, let’s try to think of an instance where there are 2 very identical rabbits.

If rabbit A has the same crown as rabbit B, under the point system, both should have the same points! And if that is written down and tabulated, it will give a clearer justification where one of the rabbit loses out. It just doesn’t make sense to me to hear the judge telling his writer, “This is a fine representation of the breed, such an amazing doe” but the rabbit gets the 1st place from bottom up – LAST so to speak!

I am sure by now, you get the point that I am trying to put forth and I wonder if there is any plans of re-enforcing the point system judging which promotes better transparency and leave no room for “favouritism”. Or is it?

I feel that it defeats the purpose of having the Standard Of Perfection schedule of points if the points are not being used during judging.

I was once told that if the judge wants you to lose, he/she will ensure you lose. I wonder what other ways we can help improve the system so to promote real “CONFORMATION” for the betterment of the breed rather than the relationships. If a relationship can’t last beyond winning or losing, it is a relationship not worth having!

Just my 2 cents worth.

Why so complicated when they are not?


Apakah objective mengadakan pertandingan arnab?

Tiada jawapan lain kecuali PENGESAHAN.

Ia adalah pengesahan bahawa arnab yang terbaik diagung2kan. Dan tahukah anda, mengapa arnab yang bertanding dalam Show ARBA tidak dibenarkan kembiri?

Ia adalah kerana arnab yang paling dekat mewakili standard yang dikemukakan oleh ARBA digalakkan digunakan dalam program pembiakan rabbitry.

Saya rasa judge sepatutnya memberi pandangan yang jujur dan tidak segan dibenci kerana pandangan yang bernasnya. Maklumlah, ada kala judge ni nak jadi popular maka tidak berani mengatakan arnab kawannya sudahpun DISQUALIFY. Untuk saya, kalau disqualify lebih baik diberitahu kerana kalau tidak, pemilik arnab tersebut akan berfikir arnabnya wajar dibiak apabila ia mempunyai masalah genetik yang akan diwarisi, sejaligus tidak menolong pemilik tersebut meningkatkan kualiti arnabnya malah memburukkan seluruh program pembiakannya.

Jom kita semua renung apakah yang dikemukakan oleh ARBA dimana setiap baka diberi jadual markah asing2. Di bawah adalah jadual markah untuk baka Holland Lop:

General Type….84 Body
Color & Markings….4

Apa kata kita lihat slip keputusan pertanding arnab pula:

Dimana pergi markahnya?

Saya tidak bermaksud untuk mengatakan bahawa kita semua telah dikelentong oleh para penganjur atau judge yang hadir untuk show kita kelmarin akan tetapi, ini adalah amalan am di mana2 pertanding arnab ARBA (kalau tak silap saya). Saya lebih gemar dengan sistem markah jikalau ia pernah diamalkan seketika dahulunya. Kalau tidak, apa gunanya Standard of Perfection kan?

Alasan yang dapat saya fikirkan mengapa sistem markah ini tidak digunakan adalah kerana kesuntukan masa semasa pertandingan. Akan tetapi, semasa show kan kita ada penulis markah. Selain daripada jadi model yang cantik mungkin penulis markah ni boleh buat perhitungan markah untuk setiap slip keputusan?

Dengan mengabaikan sistem markah untuk kemudahan tidak wajar malah menjejaskan objective kita untuk menggalakkan pembiakan arnab yang berkualiti. Tidak mengguna sistem markah seumpama judge main tikam sahaja dalam memilih pemenangnya sekaligus memberi ruang kepada penyalahgunaan kedudukannya sebagai seorang pengadil yang sepatutnya adil dan saksama.

Tidak masuk akal pabila judge mengatakan arnab ini sangat cantik tetapi apabila melihat slip keputusan, arnab tersebut dapat Nombor 1 dari belakang (belakang mali ke? terakhir namanya). Dan ia tidak masuk akal langsung kerana di dalam lebih ratusan arnab, pengadil boleh ingat markah secara maya dalam otaknya. Tidak mungkin dan oleh kerana itu, sistem markah sepatutnya digunakan.

Saya rasa tidak perlu adanya buku Standard Of Perfection jikalau sistem pemarkahannya tidak digunakan. Pengadil terus tunjuk dengan jari sahaja yang mana pemenangnya.


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LUV, is written in the stone

Earth, Wind and Fire – one of the greatest band of all time and they sing:

Never, never my darling, never you’ll be alone

Forever, ever my darling

Tru-Luv is written in the stone

I am now in search for songs that have the words Tru-Luv in it. It will be so cool to see how much Tru-Luv is mentioned in the many songs by famous artistes in the world. If you know of any songs or you have any favourite song that has these 2 words in them, please let me know. Even if you have any dedication to go with the songs, also please let me know as I will publish your song dedications here to go along with the music video.

Me and my Monster Truck!

The place to be, as written up there!


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Brag? All Together Now…

We breed for the best temperaments!

Oh my goodness, I so like to brag. 1st Place Solid Senior Doe for both Show A and Show B. Best Opposite Sex of Breed for Show A – that counts as 1st place too! 1st Place means #1!!! NUMBER 1!!! UNO!!!

On a very serious note, all Tru-Luv Rabbits are on rabbit food and products fit for CHAMPIONS! Pretty obvious that they only get the best from me.

Rabbit products fit for SHOW STOPPERS!

We even run out of wall space for the newspaper features as background for these photos!!!

I need a Panoramic Lens to be able to capture my entire collection of newspaper features!

One more for BRAGS sake!

NOTE: None of the Trophies and Ribbons are given by myself, to myself. NUFF SAID….

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Binky Free Sonshine’s Brown Sugar aka Java

Just received news that Brown Sugar passed away peacefully this evening. A sad day indeed. Brown Sugar was my ultimate bone machine. She contributed the chunky bones in my numerous breeding. Farewell big momma J. We love and miss you…

Love you tons girl...


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Protected: Rabbits, a tool for humans to ascend up the throne

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ARBA Official Show Rules

I realized that many show rabbit enthusiasts are still oblivious about the existence of the ARBA Official Show Rules. It can be obtained on under the Forms section and here’s the link I want to share –

I am particularly drawn to the JUDGES & JUDGING Section and especially Section 55 which says:

“No judge shall exhibit in any breed, which they are judging. They shall refuse to consider any specimen they recognize as having been owned by them within three (3) months previous to the show. Also, they shall refuse to consider any specimens that were housed on their premises within three (3) months previous to the show.”

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