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Versele-Laga Cuni product range

Hey Bunny People Everywhere,

Time to grab some good stuff available at all leading Pet Store chains nationwide!

In case you did not catch the product review video, here it is again:


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The Danger Of Using Stud Services

Not too long ago, I got to know a Show Dog breeder. One fine day, he told me his dog has some sort of Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD). I asked him why or if his dog lead a promiscuous life. He then told me that his dog is a grand champion and every bitch in town wants a piece of him.

And not too long ago, I received an email asking if I provided stud service. I said, “NO WAY, HELL NO I DON’T”. I know I produce very beautiful kids but that is totally out of the question. If I don’t do stud service, don’t expect my rabbits to do it. NO, my rabbit DO NOT PROVIDE stud service. For many reasons:

1. Diseases

I can’t imagine having a buck slowly dying of AIDS like symptoms. There are sexually transmitted diseases in rabbits and one of them is Vent Disease. This disease not only spread through sexual contact but it also causes infertility.

2. I am selfish

I love to keep all the beautiful genes to myself and only people who are genuine to improve the breed. So yes, guilty of being selfish.

3. My reputation/ego is at stake

You will not know if 2 rabbits will produce super bunnies and to safe myself from explaining to my “in-laws” that the breeding did not work out, I rather not overwork my poor bucks. Also, I do not want to be associated to breeders who later uses my reputation and good lines for all the wrong reasons – MONEY!

If someone puts a gun to my head and forces me to allow my beautiful buck to “enjoy” their doe, I can only agree with a smile and find the ugliest buck I have to deliver the service. The point remains the same, I will never ever allow my bucks to provide stud service.  So for those of you who still believe in Stud Service, I urge you to think about the above points that I have stated. Not just thinking about yourself but put yourself in the shoes of the STUD master and ask the following questions:

1. Will he/she really/sincerely allow their BEST buck to be bred with yours?

2. Have you consider about your rabbit contacting STDs? Even if your doe is clean, the buck may not.

3. Are you absolutely sure the deed has been done by the right buck?

I guess we all won’t know until the SHIT hits the fan.

And if you are still “degil”/stubborn and wants to use Stud Service, here are some pointers to help you out:

1. Both parties must agree to a term.

2. Both check through the pedigree and tattoo number to ensure both are the correct rabbits.

3. Bring the doe to the stud and witness the “action”. Both parties must be present.

4. Execute as agreed (in the term) either payment in cash or stud to pick a kit.

5. If it is an unsuccessful mating, some stud provides guarantees (kahwin sampai dapat – poor buck!)

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